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Repair Of Naval Vessel

Aided By Power Team

Hydraulic Rams

Repair of the guided-missile frig- ate USS Samuel B. Roberts entailed a massive lifting exercise in which twenty 100-ton aluminum hydraulic rams operating at 10,000 psi were systematically applied to raise the damaged stern of the 3,700-ton ves- sel to its normal position.

Bath Iron Works (BIW) of Bath,

Maine, which built the Roberts in 1986, was contracted by the Navy to repair damage inflicted by an Irani- an mine in the Persian Gulf. The lifting project was the largest ever undertaken by the shipbuilder.

The ship's stern, which had sag- ged 36 inches as a result of the explosion and subsequent flooding, was hinged about 130 feet inward.

The hull of the 445-foot vessel had to be cut through up to the main deck so the stern could be jacked up, properly aligned and repaired while in drydock at BIW's Portland facili- ty.

The rams—RA1006 aluminum models from Power Team—were chosen largely for their relatively light weight and BIW's previous ex- perience with that line of hydraulic products. At 49-1/2 pounds, they are approximately half the weight of steel rams of the same capacity.

Ten jacking stools beneath the The OTC Power Team hydraulic jacking sys-tem is visible in this view of USS Roberts. stern each supported two rams, which were powered by one 10,000- psi Power Team PE172 electric/ hydraulic pump. Operators of the pumps were directed via radio com- munications to preload the rams to compensate for weight shifts and to elevate them simultaneously in re- quired increments, a critical phase of the project.

The rams were jacked only 2 to 3 inches per lift to prevent the stern from swinging and causing off-cen- ter loading. Oak wedges were in- stalled for cribbing after each lift until the 36-inch correction had been achieved.

In addition to restoring the ship's stern, BIW crews cut out a section of the Roberts for a new engine room module and installed a 10- foot-square patch over the hole blasted by the mine explosion. The engine room module, under con- struction at Bath, will be barged to

Portland for installation.

More information on the hydrau- lic equipment used in this project is available from Power Team. For free literature,

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New Course Available For

Network 90 Multi-Function

Controller Applications

The E.G. Bailey Training Center recently announced a new course offering on Network 90® Multi-

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This course is targeted towards maintenance and applications engi- neers responsible for the Network 90 distributed process control sys- tem.

Bailey Controls is a division of

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For free literature giving full in- formation on the new course offered by the E.G. Bailey Training Cen- ter,

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Maritime London '89 is an international business festival in the heart of one of the world's most important shipping centres. Of the numerous events scheduled, you may decide to take part on any or all - but, to be anywhere other than the City of London during the week 1 7-21 April '89 could mean missing out on untold business opportunities. At least one person at senior management level in your company should be there.

A summary of the week's events (with just a hint of the business potential)

The Seatrade Awards Ceremony Dinner

The Awards Ceremony Dinner, in aid of charity, takes place in the City of London's Guildhall on Monday 17 April 1989. Over 600 senior people from all sectors of maritime related business worldwide will gather for a reception and formal, black-tie, dinner to honour the awards winners. It's a splendid time for making new contacts, greeting old friends, and entertaining clients.

Expoship London and the Exhibition Seminars

As a showcase for new technology, conduit of trade and birthplace of new ideas, Expoship London '89 wi from around 40 nations. host over 200 companies

The Money & Ships Conference

This well-known and highly respected forum will, once again, tackle major issues affecting the industry. Over the past twenty years attendance at these conferences has averaged around 375 delegates - many of whom are influential in the control of commercial organi- sations active in the maritime field.

Seatrade Receptions

The following programme is subject to change but will serve to indicate the general scheme: | Tuesday 18 April IW9 1.00pm A Seatrade Reception for invited Shippers, Chatterers and Ports Executives. 5.30pm A Seatrade Reception for Exhibitors and Conference Delegates. | Wednesday 19 April 1989 1.00pm A Seatrade Reception for Conference Delegates. 5.00pm A Seatrade Reception for invited Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, and Marine Superintendents. (Thursday 20 April 1989 1.00pm A Seatrade Reception for invited Shipowners and Conference Delegates. 5.00pm A Seatrade Reception for members of one of the Overseas Delegations. | Friday 2 1 April 1989 4.30pm A Seatrade End-of-the-week Special!

The Seatrade Club offers 'open house' to old and new friends - exhibitors, delegates, speakers, award winners... in fact anyone who has the energy and time to spare or a reason to celebrate. Simple refreshments will be available through to 6.00 pm.

An exhibition of paintings by members of the Royal Society of Marine Artists

The pictures will hang in the Seatrade Club right through Maritime London Week.

For information about how to attend:


TELEPHONE: (212) 393 1000

TELEFAX: (212) 6085874

TELEX: 233629 SEA UR

Or write to: Vivian Cebollero,

Conference and Exhibition Manager,

The Seatrade Organisation, Suite 1805, 40 Rector Street, New York, NY 10006


TELEPHONE: 44 206 45121

TELEFAX: 44 206 45190


Or write to: Maritime London '89

Enquiries and reservations Department,

The Seatrade Organisation, Fairfax House,

Causton Road, Colchester COl 1RJ.

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