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Four in-depth business studies on the U.S. Navy are currently available from Interna- tional Maritime Associates. These studies provide (1) objective business forecasts, (2) assess- ment of competitive developments and (3) market share information on Navy ship procure- ment and maintenance. They are designed to be used for developing business strategy and long term business plans.

U.S. Navy Ship Maintenance, Repair & Modernization: A Ten Year Forecast of New Business and Appraisal of Market Share (October 1988)—Report No. 7111

Provides a ten year business forecast of Navy ship maintenance and repair—showing pro- jected job starts, mandays and contract dollars by homeport, ship class, type work and bid- ding limits. The forecast includes combatant ships, T-ships, RRF fleet and Navy service craft.

In the report is a five year market share analysis showing awards of Navy scheduled mainte- nance by contractor and ship type. $550.00 per copy *****

U.S. Navy Shipbuilding in a Period of Uncertainty: A Forecast and Assessment of Navy Ship

Construction Over the Next Ten Years (February 1989)—Report No. 7110

The report gives a detailed, objective assessment of Navy's ship procurement program over the 1989-1998 period. It forecasts replacement requirements and examines Navy's options to meet replacement needs in a period of neavy budget pressures. A detailed analysis of spe- cific programs is provided—showing numbers of ships to be built and changes in equipment and technology over the next ten years. $550.00 per copy *****

U.S. Navy Ship Procurement—Quarterly Business Reports (Latest issue February 1989)—Report No. 7103

Quarterly series covering Navy spending plans for ships and equipment. Forecasts of busi- ness opportunities—near and long term—are updated to reflect developments in each ship program. Navy contract awards for ships, electronics, ordnance and other systems are sum- marized in a format useful for competitive analysis. $480.00 for series of four quarterly reports *****

U.S. Navy Ship Maintenance & Modernization—Quarterly Business Reports (Latest issue March 1989)—Report No. 7104

Quarterly series covering Navy plans for ship maintenance, repair and modernization. Long term business outlook is continually updated. Details are provided for NAVSEA, SUPSHIPS and MSC work—showing intended start dates, type work, and bidding restrictions. Contract awards for ship and equipment maintenance are summarized in a format useful for competi- tive analysis. $480.00 for series of four quarterly reports

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