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RDD also announced it has been appointed manufacturer's represen- tative for U.M.E.C. (United Marine

Electronics and Communications) of Ottawa, Canada. United Marine is reported to be the largest supplier of internal ships communications systems to the Canadian Coast

Guard, manufacturing state-of-the- art integrated ships communica- tions systems including marine au- tomatic telephone, talk-back/inter- com/loud hailer/public address/se- curity and audio/video entertain- ment systems. RDD and U.M.E.C. are in the process of completing the supply and commissioning of two marine automatic telephone sys- tems, type MPBX-200 to Bethle- hem Steel for the U.S. Navy T-

AGS-39 and -40 projects.

Furthermore, RDD announced an agreement to market a new explo- sion-proof and weather-proof push- button telephone for Northern

Telecom. The new phone is avail- able in touch-tone or pulse dial format and compatible with both

PABX and land lines. Other fea- tures include last number redial and internal ring relay for external sig- nal devices.


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Robertson-Shipmate, Inc., re- cently introduced a new micropro- cessor-controlled pilot, the AP-45, for commercial vessels and passen- ger boats. Keeping with the Rob- ertson tradition, the AP-45 is simple to use. The set-up is menu-driven and is easily tailored to any vessel's individual steering characteristics.

The AP-45 has a second "auto- matic" mode. By pressing the "Work" button, the pilot is repro- grammed with an entirely different set of operating characteristics ap- propriate to different vessel config- urations. This "work" mode is used while the vessel is performing activi- ties that require different operating parameters, such as net setting or trawling for fishing vessels, towing for tugs, or single engine trolling.

The AP-45 includes the new

RF145 medium-duty waterproof rudder feedback unit, built-in, off- course display and alarm, rate-of- turn control, and operates with vir- tually any magnetic or fluxgate compass input. Options include hand-held remotes, non-follow-up and follow-up steering levers, and a variety of rudder angle indicators.


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Founded in 1946, S.P. Radio A/S of Denmark develops, produces and supplies the worldwide maritime market with a wide range of radio communication equipment. The company's latest introduction to the marine market is the Sailor Com- pact HF SSB Radiotelephone, the newest member of the Sailor Com- pact 2000 Program.

The compact Sailor system con- tains three main units—control unit

RE2100, transmitter T2130, and aerial coupler AT2110—which can be mounted separately. The HF

SSB Radiotelephone has contin- uous tuning and complete frequency coverage (RX:100 kHz-30 MHz,

TX: 1.6-30 MHz) SSB (USB and

LSB) and AM, and simplex/semi- duplex.

The radiotelephone is supplied from 24 VDC, and connection to 12

VDC and 110/127/220/240 VAC is optional.

Each of the three units in the radiotelephone can be replaced without adjustment, and they all have built-in diagnostic test pro- grams.

S.P. Radio reports that the Con- trol Unit RE2100 has straight fpr- ward key-in procedure and is in- credibly easy to operate. It contains all ITU telephony channels, 100 operator-selected quick-select chan- nels and 10 operator-programmed scanning programs with up to 128 channels in each.

Furthermore, the front panel is provided with adjustable night-time illumination and a bright and read- able, highly effective LED-display, in which RX and TX frequencies are read-out at the same time.

The Control Unit RE2100 has

BUS-output and input and is thus

From Concept to Reality \ - -V v r

RANGE 6 nm

RINGS 1 nm ''^040 CD-N.up \ V » '" jfe. MM- HUOH" "v050 k «8i: teftssiii

I ®

HR 2000 HR 3000

The new generation Concept radar systems from Kelvin Hughes provide a unique and flexible approach to ergonomic bridge layout.

Concept HR series has been developed to achieve total radar system integration in either existing vessels or bridge designs for the 90's.

The high-resolution monitor, keyboard and processor can be situated remotely in any configuration - either bulkhead, deck console, deck head or desk mounted, or can form one fully-integrated unit in which the monitor angles can be adjusted to suit operator preference. Additional remote monochrome or colour monitors can also be included in the Concept package.

Concept HR systems offer Relative

Motion, True Motion and ARPA facilities, combined with E-Plot II, an enhanced version of the unique Kelvin Hughes electronic plotting program. Identical positioning of keyboard controls for these features throughout the range assists operational confidence and familiarity.

Now, all ship data and status can be ideally zoned for instant assimilation, making Concept HR the perfect radar system for today's navigational realities.


A subsidiary company of Smiths Industries pic.

Kelvin Hughes Ltd.,

New North Road, Hainault, Ilford,

Essex, IG6 2UR. England.

Telephone: 01-500 1020 (National) +44 1 500 1020 (International)

Telefax: 01-500 0837 (National) + 44 1 500 0837 (International)

Telex: 896401 KELHUE G.

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