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Navy's Newest T-AGOS

Christened At Tacoma Boat

The U.S. Navy ocean surveillance ship USNS

Audacious (T-AGOS-11) at her recent launching ceremony at Tacoma Boatbuild- ing Co., Tacoma, Wash.

The U.S. Navy's newest ocean surveillance ship, the USNS Auda- cious (T-AGOS-11) was recently christened at Tacoma Boatbuilding,

Co., Tacoma, Wash.

Speakers at the launching cere- mony included Rear Adm. Select

Stephen S. Clarey, Deputy Com- mander/Comptroller, Naval Sea

Systems Command, and the Honor- able Norman D. Dicks, U.S. Rep- resentative.

The USNS Audacious has a length of 224 feet, beam of 43 feet, displaces 2,265 tons and range of about 3,000 nautical miles at 11 knots. Propulsion and ship service electrical power is provided by four 600-kw, 600 vAC diesel generators.

At any one time, two of the four die- sel generators drive direct-coupled

DC motors, producing 1,600 shp.

When commissioned, she will be op- erated by the Military Sealift Com- mand to gather underwater acousti- cal data and then transmit ashore for evaluation.

For free literature detailing the boatbuilding facilities and capabili- ties of Tacoma Boatbuilding,

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Nissen's Line Of Industrial

Markers Described In New

Full-Color Catalog

A new full-color illustrated cata- log describes Nissen's line of indus- trial markers and their applica- tions.

There are economical, easy-to-use markers available for all materials, including metal, plastic, glass, rub- ber, wood, and cardboard. The markers will make permanent weather-resistant marks on wet or oily, rough or smooth surfaces. They are available in many bright colors for marking or color-coding.

For more information and a free copy of the catalog from J.P. Nissen


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Literature Available

On New Marine Products

Made From 'Orkot'

Orkot Engineering Plastics, Car- lsbad, Calif., is offering free litera- ture on 'Orkot' bearings, bushings, wear pads and other components ideal for marine use. 'Orkot' is a laminated material made by bonding various fabrics with thermosetting resins. Its me- chanical and chemical characteris- tics may be changed by varying the fabrics and resins to meet specific needs.

Solid lubricants of graphite and molybdenum disulphide are im- pregnated, giving self-lubricating properties and low coefficients of friction. 'Orkot' is 1/6 the weight of steel and has excellent corrosion re- sistance. 'Orkot' contains no harmful or toxic products and has exceptional dimensional stability in wet condi- tions. It is available in rod, tube or sheet form, or can be fully machined to customers' own drawings.

For further information and free literature from Orkot Engineering


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Performance and Delivery

That's Dependable

Typical Shipboard Applications







Bailey Valves and Strainers

For Marine Applications

Model 442M

Magazine Sprinkler

Valve (Manufactured to MIL-V-17501E,

Type 1) • Opens fully when activated to provide seawater to sprinkler system • Sizes 1" through 8"

Model 1384

Pressure Relief Valves (Manufactrured to

MIL-V-24332) • Provide intermittent relief service on salt water lines to protect piping and equipment • Sizes W to 4" • Flanged per MIL-F- 20042 or Sil-braze per


Model 30

Pressure Reducing

Valve (Manufactured to MIL-V-2042D) • Provides accurate regulation of pressure on salt water service • Sizes Vz" through 6" • Flanged per MIL-F- 20042 and Sil-braze per MIL-F-1183

Model 200A

Duplex Strainer (Manufactured to MIL-

S-17849D, Type 2,

Class II) • For salt water appli- cations where service cannot be interrupted • Sizes %" through 8" • Flanged per MIL-F- 20042

Since 1924 Bailey has been a supplier of strainers and control valves to the marine market.

Bailey products are backed by dependable engineering and reliable delivery schedules.

Bailey Automatic Control Valves, Strainers, Polyjets

Bailey, Division of CMB Industries, P.O. Box 8070, Fresno, CA 93747* (209) 252-4491 Telex: 33-7616 CMBFSO

April, 1989

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