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Artist's conception of the Seabuik America after her reconstruction at a U.S. shipyard.

Hvide Shipping Requests Bids

From 14 U.S. Shipyards

For Tanker Reconstruction

Hvide Shipping, Inc., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., recently announced that it has requested bids for the con- struction of a 41,000-dwt U.S.-fiag chemical tanker, the M/V Seabuik

America, from 14 major U.S. ship- yards.

The construction would involve the rebuilding of the wrecked tanker

M/V Fuji, utilizing the forebody of the Barge 4102 (the Oxy Producer, built by Avondale Shipyards in 1981). Reconstruction work neces- sary to bring the M/V Fuji up to first class U.S.-flag standards will be accomplished, including all new crews' quarters, unattended engine room, and up-to-date electronics systems. Major modifications to the barge's existing cargo systems will result in a state-of-the-art U.S.-flag chemical tanker offering capability of transporting a wide variety of products.

According to Hvide Shipping, af- ter reconstruction, the Seabuik

America will have an overall length of 685 feet, maximum molded beam of 99 feet and design draft of 36 feet 6 inches. She will be powered by a

Mitsubishi-built Sulzer 7RND68 diesel engine, rated at 11,550 at 150 rpm.

With her cargo tank area subdiv- ided into 18 tanks (including three for slops), the Seabuik America will have a capacity of 137,000 barrels in her stainless steel center cargo tanks and an additional 161,000 barrels of capacity in her inorganic zinc- coated wing tanks. Each tank will be served by its own hydraulically op- erated cargo pump and line, thereby enabling the vessel to carry virtually any liquid petroleum or chemical cargo. Her cargo-handling equip- ment will include Frank Mohn (Fra- mo) deepwell hydraulic pumps.

To be classed by the American

Bureau of Shipping, 1 E "Chemical

Carrier," "Oil Carrier" and MS,

ACCU, the Seabuik America will be manned by a complement of 18. The design of the vessel has been developed in coordination with

C.R. Cushing & Co., Inc., naval architects and marine engineers,

New York, N.Y., with delivery of the reconstructed vessel scheduled for the latter part of this year.

Hvide Shipping believes that the

Seabuik America construction work is the first commercial tanker order placed with a U.S. shipyard since 1984. Hvide expects that the com- pleted Seabuik America will be eli- gible for Jones Act trading privi- leges under the provisions of the wrecked vessel statute.

J. Erik Hvide, president and chief operating officer of Hvide

Shipping, stated that the Seabuik

America would join Hvide's Seabuik

Magnachem in transporting a wide variety of chemicals in the U.S. coastwise trade. Hvide's affiliate,

Seabuik Ocean Systems Corpora- tion, Houston, Texas, will utilize the

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