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Furuno Introduces New 14-Inch Weatherfax

Furuno's new 14-inch Weatherfax.

Furuno's new FAX-214 is not only one of the most advanced weatherfax receivers now on the market, but it is also capable of being a fully functional NAVTEX system with the addition of an op- tional built-in receiver/processor.

As a fax receiver, the FAX-214 produces high-quality and very high resolution weather charts and satel- lite images with eight gray-scale lev- els on high contrast 14-inch white thermal recording paper. There is no unpleasant carbon dust, nor do you have to deal with crinkled wet paper readouts. The FAX-214 has a built-in synthesized receiver that covers all known 80-160 kHz and 2- 25 MHz fax frequencies in 100-Hz steps, and offers microprocessor controlled scanning for any station or combination you may desire to program into the unit. Other stan- dard features include keep-alive batteries to protect data in memory and a timer so that the unit may be activated at preprogrammed times.

In the NAVTEX mode, the FAX- 214 will automatically store normal incoming messages for printout af- ter the fax traffic is complete. For urgent messages, however, the unit automatically overrides the fax mode and prints the messages im- mediately,

An optional active antenna cou- pler is available that covers stan- dard fax as well as the 518-kHz

NAVTEX transmissions.

Operation is from a 10-40 VDC universal power supply, drawing just 15 W on standby and 27 W operating.

For more information and free lit- erature on the new 14-inch Weath- erfax from Furuno,

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Free StartMaster Literature

Describes User Benefits

Of Air Starting Systems

StartMaster of Marion, Ohio, is offering free literature describing their air starting systems which, ac- cording to the manufacturer, pro- vide dependable starting for heavy trucks, buses, mining machinery, oil and gas drilling equipment, marine

April, 1989 engines, compressor packages, gen- erator sets, and off-highway vehi- cles.

The literature discusses the major advantages air starters offer over electric starters, viz: twice the cranking power; superior perform- ance in cold weather; better "hot start" capability; spark-free opera- tion; fewer batteries, less mainte- nance; and longer starter life.

Also pointed out is that all Start-

Master models are available as "Su- perStarters," a new, friction-resis- tant configuration that adds even more durability and service life and eliminates the need for lubrication to the air motor, thus eliminating all maintenance costs associated with in-line and automatic lubricators.

SuperStarters are readily available from production. To order merely add the letter "L" after the stan- dard part number.

Photographs, cutaway and di- mensional drawings complement the text, and a model selection list, complete with part numbers, is in- cluded.

For further information and free copies of the literature on air start- ing systems from StartMaster,

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Gear Up With The Company That

Won't Let You Down In A Clutch.

HALEY GEARS "The Best Little Gear Company

In The Country."

At MARINE GEARS, INC., our gears are designed, engineered, and fabricated by a team of dedicated professionals. ...,.s*,s>*

Close inspection is present at every stage from fabrica- tion of our own cases in our modern and efficient fabri- cation shop, to cut- ting gear teeth with precision

MARINE GEARS, INC. manufactures several series of gears, including gear mounted clutch, hydraulic clutch, and flywheel mounted clutch. Our engineers stand ready to design a gear from the ground up to meet your pre- existing foundation requirements. Gears are available in the 1000-4500 HP range.

Outstanding service and parts depart- ments back up every sale. Our service crews have traveled the world and solved every possible problem you may encounter. We know gears from the inside out and our service crews are available wherever and whenever you need help.


HALEY Clutches are available in two series:

TR Series are dimensionally interchangeable with all pneumatic marine clutches. They are precision balanced and feature an 8-ply torsionally resilient air gland tube. The rim and tube combination pro- vides perfect friction shoe positioning for clutch en- gagement. TR Series Clutches and Drums are in stock for immediate delivery — new or remanufac- tured in 26", 30", 35", 40", and 48" sizes. The TR

Series Clutches are available in 10 sizes (singles & duals) from 800 HP to 6250


TB Series Clutches are designed to meet the needs of excep- tional high - torqued applications and are dimensionally inter- changeable with all torque bar series ma- rine clutches. The hard rubber coated torque bars and induction hardened torque bar side plate holes reduce main- tenance. The TB Series is available in new or remanufactured sizes 20TB60 through 42TB65, 14TB10 through 32TB10. Replacement parts for 1200 Series also available.

All HALEY Clutches feature aluminum shoes for reduced weight and higher strength. Rubber materi- als of outstanding quality are supplied by the

ARMSTRONG ROBBER CO. Any HALEY Clutch is available with asbestos free friction materials.


MARINE GEARS, INC. • Highway 1 North • Greenville, MS 38702 0689

Tel. 601-332-8716 • Telex 785005 • Fax 335-4322

Contact MARINE GEARS, INC. For The HALEY Distributor In Your Area

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