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Henschel 63

Hexcel 220

Hi-Test Labs 105

Holistic Management Consul 122

IBM 19

IMO Delaval 8

Indal Technologies 81

Ingalls 133

Integrated Systems Analysts 139

Intergraph 16

Jered Brown Brothers 85

JJII 108

Jo-Kell —

Keystone Valve 146

Kidde, Walter 108

Kingsbury 7

Lindgren Associates 216

Lonseal 181

Lubriquip-Houdaille 14

Mactagart-Scott —

MagnetekALS 135

Marine Machinery Association . . . .243

Marotta Scientific 75

Mawdsley's 249

McMullen, John J 21

Moffitt, Lucian Q 123

MSA 46

MTU of North America 151

Murdock Engineering 1

Naval Research Lab 190


Nelson Electric 52

Newport News Shipbuilding 83

NKF Engineering 154

Northwest Marine Services 159

Nugent, Wm. W 228

Olympus-Fiber Optics —

Omnithruster 1

ORI 10

Parker Hannifin 68

Paxman Diesels 165

Portland Ship Repair Yard 143

PPG Industries 48

Products, Research & Chemical . . . .121

Proto-Technology 23

Raychem 8

Resource Consultants 45

Rockwell International 24

Rolls-Royce 100

Rosenblatt, M 61

SAI Technology 240

Scientific Management Assoc 227

Seacoast Marine Electric 96


Sharp, George G 36

SIFCO Selective Plating 3

Solar Turbine 147

SPD Technologies 31

Sperry Marine 77

SSS Clutch 156

Stephens Equipment 161

Stewart & Stevenson 106

Tano Marine Systems 211

Tarkett 54

Technical Products 60

Teleflex 79

Titanium Development Assoc 169

Tri-Tec 95

US Naval Institute 104

UNified Industries 12

Vernitron Controls 30

VickersWelco 215

Vitro 231

VSE 13

Waukesha Bearings 102

Westinghouse Electric 4

Wyle Laboratories 168

Xomox 214

Zurn 92

ASNE '89


The following is a brief overview of the companies that will be exhib- iting at the ASNE '89 exhibition as of press time. A short description of the products and services each firm will have on display is included along with the booth where they will be appearing.

For further information on any of the companies included in the this guide, circle the reader ser- vice number under the company's name.


Circle 128 on Reader Service Card

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) classifies all types of vessels and marine structures. In addition, ABS offers certifica- tion of equipment and systems, marine sur- vey and consultancy services and structur- al, mechanical and electrical analyses. The classification society will display at Booth 50.


Circle 129 on Reader Service Card

Exhibiting at Booth 49. Advanced Tech- nology (AD TECH) offers professional ser- vices support to the Navy, including engi- neering, computer, management and logis- tics services.


Circle 110 on Reader Service Card

Aero Nav Laboratories, Inc., displaying at

Booth 43, conducts structure-borne noise, shock, explosion-proof and vibration testing in air and marine applications. The company also has the facilities to conduct accelera- tion force simulations, RFI/EMI interfer- ence testing and climatic environment sim- ulations.


Circle 130 on Reader Service Card

Aeroquip Corporation has over 40 years' experience designing and producing NAV-

SEA-approved marine and MIL-Spec hose lines, fittings, couplings, adapters and other fluid power products and stores tie-downs.

Aeroquip will exhibit at Booth 229.


Circle 131 on Reader Service Card

Alco Power supplied Paxman Valenta die- sel engines for the U.S. Coast Guard's new



Few names have evejpien better known for quality ancfaependability than MAXIM. A standard that has stood for more than 50 years. Today

MAXIM furnishes desalinators to provide fresh water for workboats, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, tankers, submarines and large vessels of all types.. .units designed for optimum space savings and economic operation. Choose from a wide range of standard designs or let MAXIM design a unit to meet your specific requirements. Also available are reliable MAXIM heat exchangers and deaerators.

Become a part of a legend. . . insist on MAXIM, the first name in reliability and service. MAXIM backs it up! Beaird Industries,

P. O. Box 31115, Shreveport, LA 71130-1115. Ph.318-865-6351.

Fax 318-868-1701.

Circle 222 on Reader Service Card *m • Nuclear submarine eqc with Maxim desal

General Dynamics Photo *

See us at OTC, May 1-4, 1989

Houstop, TX, Booth #6012

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