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ASNE Day Preview (continued)

Island Class patrol boats. The company will exhibit at Booth 137.


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Allison Gas Turbine manufactures marine gas turbine engines for naval and commer- cial marine applications. The company will exhibit at Booth 244


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American Management Systems (AMS) provides life-cycle planning and support to the U.S. Navy. AMS will display at Booth 250


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At Booth 13, Appleton Marine. Inc. will display its full line of deck machinery includ- ing cranes, mooring, constant tension, tow- ing, underway replenishment and anchor windlasses and capstans.


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Designers and manufacturers of Navy de- salting systems. The firm will exhibit at

Booth 59. Aqua-Chem offers reverse-osmo- sis, vapor compression, flash type and plate or submerged tube varieties.


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Avon Rubber Ltd., a leading manufacturer and developer of the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) for military and commercial applica- tions, will exhibit at Booth 140.


Dniy Westfalia's Dn-Demand Purifying ,,

System Removes Ml the Dirt and Water

From your 1010 fuel.

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Bailey offers a full line of control valves, strainers and polyjets for marine and indus- trial applications. The firm will exhibit at

Booth 131


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The lead shipyard for the design and con- struction of the Arleigh Burke Class (DDG- 51) destroyer, Bath Iron Works, with yards in Bath and Portland, Maine, will exhibit at

Booth 112.


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On display at Booth 71 will designed, manufactured and supplied by Carleton

Technologies Inc. Carleton offers pneumat- ic and life support components to military standards and specifications.


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Casde Corporation, a naval architecture and marine engineering firm, will exhibit at

Booth 246


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At Booth 125. Caterpillar will exhibit infor- mation on the 3600 family of marine diesel engines. Caterpillar diesel engines have a power range of 75 to 6,655 hp and in gener- ation set configurations, 50 to 5,250 kw.


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CDI Marine Company has provided engi- neering and design services to the marine industry since 1973. Supports both Navy and commercial shipbuilders from nation- wide offices. They will exhibit at Booth 51.


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Westfalia Separator, Centrico, Inc., offers

Westfalia Oil-Purifying Centrifuges, available in both automatic self-cleaning and non- automatic designs. Products from the com- pany will be displayed at Booth 232.


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The Cincinnati Gear Company, exhibiting at Booth 34, produces large Carburized,

Hardened and Precision Ground (CHG) gears designed and manufactured to AGMA class 15 level. The firm reports that CHG gears in a large marine drive can result in a quieter gearbox that is 35 percent smaller and lighter than one of conventional through-hardened design.


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Consolidated Industrial Skills Corporation (CISCO) will be located at Booth 6. The firm is able to provide a skilled workforce where needed, including shipfitters, pipefitters, welders, electricians, outside and inside ma- chinists, etc.


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CLA-VAL, displaying at Booth 67, offers a full line of valves for fluid applications, from salt-water to lube oil.


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Colt Industries, Fairbanks Morse Engine

Division, features Fairbanks Morse opposed piston and Colt-Pielstick diesel engines for ship propulsion and power generation appli- cations. Colt-Pielstick engines are featured on T-AO-187 Class Navy oilers and LSD

Class ships. The company will exhibit at

Booth 55.


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Located at Booth 15, Combination Pump

Valve will exhibit its soft-seated valves with interchangeable cartridges, relief valves for 1,000-6,000 PSI service, and flat-faced, 0- ring sealed fittings for 3,000 and 6,000 PSI service.


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Will display at Booth 108. Combustion

Engineering is a leading manufacturer of marine steam generating equipment which includes main propulsion boilers, auxiliary boilers and waste heat boilers. ;ntrico, Inc., 100 Fairway Court, Northvale, N| 07647 (201)767-3900

See us at ASNE—Booth 232

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Whether your fuel oil is heavier or lighter than water, nly Westfalia's two-stage Unitrol/Secutrol system assures laximum purity even under widely varying feed conditions, lere's why. )n-demand vs timer-controlled de-sludging.

Other oil purification systems are timer-controlled, which leans they de-sludge only at pre-set intervals. If heavy seas :ir-up the "muck" in your fuel tanks, the intervals may be too ir apart. Result: dirt gets into your day tank and fuel lines, ausing disastrous engine wear. . . In the Westfalia system, a nique sensor continuously monitors de-sludging intervals, ischarging dirt and water only when the sediment-holding jmpartment is full. So there's no chance for dirt to get ito your fuel because of too few de-sludgings — or lei wastage from too-frequent de-sludgings.

And either stage can be operated independently,

IUS adding even more flexibility.

Jo water in fuel lines.

With Westfalia's unique design, there's no way ater can enter the clean fuel line. With other systems, lis is a distinct possibility. teliable purification.

No matter how wide the variations in ensity or feed characteristics, you get the most ficient, reliable purification. Automatically, with 3 need for gravity disc changes.

For maximum reliability we've substituted mplicity for complex electronics and tricate circuitry. Thus Westfalia purifiers are lore dependable and much less likely to reak down than other separators. Contact entrico for the Westfalia system you need.

Westfalia is proud to be part of the ongo- ing construction program of the new and growing U.S. Navy.

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