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The true test of any water maker is its reliability. So before you work up a thirst, get the facts.

Alfa-Laval's Nirex freshwater distiller is the most reliable water maker you can buy. Has been for years.

But here's a new tact. We've introduced a smaller, easy-to-install version of Nirex. For offshore workboats, rigs, fishboats and ocean- going vessels. At a very affordable price.

Standing only four feet high, this compact Nirex distiller delivers from 500 to 5500 gallons per day of fresh water. Our larger models produce much more.

And Nirex distillers are incredibly easy to operate. Once installed, there's never a need for adjustment. Even with fluctuating engine loads. Or when going from cold to tropical waters.

Our simple design and self-cleaning plate heat exchangers virtually eliminate the need for cleaning and repair. The result: Reduced downtime and increased savings on labor.

Of course, when you buy Alfa-Laval® products, you buy Alfa-Laval service.

With representatives in every major port throughout 40 maritime countries worldwide.

For more information contact

Alfa-Laval, Inc., P.O. Box 1316, 2115 Linwood Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. Tel: (201) 592-7800.

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SEE US AT OTC AND A.S.N.E. sel engines, ranging in power from 892 to 2,112 kw in 12- and 16-cylinder models, at

Booth 165.


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PPG Industries, Inc., offers Pitt-Char® 200 fire protective cable coating. The company will be exhibiting at Booth 48.


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Products, Research & Chemical Corpora- tion (PRC) is a leading manufacturer of coatings, sealants and adhesives for the marine industry. The firm will display at

Booth 121


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Portland Ship Repair Yard (PSRY) is one of the largest, most modern facilities on the

West Coast. The yard has the capabilities for both naval and commercial work. PSRY will offer information at Booth 143.


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Raychem will be exhibiting at Booth 8.

The firm is a leader in conductive polymer technology, and heat-shrinkable plastics and metals.


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Located at Booth 45. Resource Consul- tants, Inc. (RCI), offers engineering, acquisi- tion management, and technical service to

Navy clients.


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Rolls-Royce will display information on its marine diesel engines for Navy and com- mercial applications at Booth 100.


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M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc., is a leading naval architecture and marine engineering firm. The company will display at Booth 61.


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SAI Technology, a division of Science

Applications International Corporation, is a leader in the design, manufacture and inte- gration of Mil-Spec displays in command and control systems for shipboard and sub- marine missile launch systems, shipboard machinery and submarine reactor plant control systems for cruise missile launch systems. The company will exhibit at Booth 240.



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At Booth 227, Scientific Management As- sociates will offer information on its capabil- ities in naval ship design and development.


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Will display at Booth 96. Seacoast Electric offers military wire, cable and electrical sup- plies. Some of its products include ship- board cable, terminal and stuffing boxes, circuit breakers and motor controllers.


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Systems Engineering Associates Corpora- tion (SEACOR), on display at Booth 213, offers management, training, technical sup- port, ILS and marine engineering services.


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Located at Booth 3. SIFCO Selective Plat- ing, a division of SIFCO Industries, Inc., offers its Dalic Process of Selective (Brush)

Electroplating for naval/marine applica- tions.


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Solar Turbines Inc., a subsidiary of Cater- pillar, Inc., supplies high-efficiency gas tur- bine generator sets and propulsion units.

The company has been working with the

U.S. Navy for over 50 years. Solar Turbines will exhibit at Booth 147.


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SPD Technologies, exhibiting at Booth 31, is one of the largest producers of military circuit breakers, and a prominent supplier of other electronic controls for electrical systems protection in the U.S. and abroad.


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Sperry Marine, Inc., a subsidiary of New- port News Shipbuilding, is a world leader in marine systems technology. Sperry Marine products will be on exhibit at Booth 77.


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SSS Clutch Company supplies the SSS-

Tosi Reversing System for the new U.S.

Navy AOE-6 ship program. The company will display at Booth 156.


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A subsidiary of Amcast Industrial Corpo- ration, Stanley G. Flagg & Co., Inc., offers a complete line of fittings, flanges and unions to commercial and naval specifications for marine applications. Pressure classes range from 200 to 3,000 pounds.

On exhibit at Booth 117, will be literature and displays of the complete Flagg-Flow product line. Flagg Marine Division man- agers will be available to answer technical questions and discuss commercial and nav- al applications. The firm's "Successful Braz- ing with Flagg-Flow" videotape will also be available for viewing.


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Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., of- fers the Local Operator Control Panel (LO-

COP), designed to reduce the need for oper- ator involvement in the normal operation of the ship service gas turbine generator. The company will provide information on its products at Booth 106.


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Tano Marine Systems, Inc., offers ship- board monitoring and control. Tano Marine will display in Booth 211.

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