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ASNE Day Preview (continued)


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Exhibiting at Booth 60. Technical Prod- ucts & Precision Manufacturing Company offers Tech-O-Seal valves and fittings. Tech-

O-Seal valves are soft-seated, low-torque and leak-proof, for a wide variety of fluid and gas uses. Tech-O-Seal fittings are available in a wide range of end connections.


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Teleflex Inc. will be exhibiting at Booth 79.

The company offers the Motorized Remote

Valve Actuator, which has been approved for U.S. Naval surface ships.


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Unified Industries Incorporated offers a wide variety of engineering, technical and management support to the U.S. Navy. The company will be exhibiting at Booth 124.


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Located at Booth 30. Vernitron Controls, a division of Vernitron Corporation, designs and produces standard QPL synchros.


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A leader in systems and software enig- neering. Vitro Corporation will display its capabilities at Booth 231.


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Walter Kidde, a leading manufacturer of -CONNECTED.


TANO. It's the name that means reliability in shipboard monitoring and control systems For nearly 25 years,

TANO has been a leader in designing and manufacturing marine automation systems, as well as providing world- wide field service.

Systems from TANO are at work on more than 240 ships —including Navy assault ships and frigates, military and commercial tankers and Coast Guard cutters. Soon, futuristic TANO systems based on Ada software will sail aboard Coast Guard Icebreakers.

Visit the TANO booth

From the machinery plant to the bridge, from cargo control to damage control, stay in control with TANO

The reliable connection for shipboard automation. ^mmm^^L 4301 ^oche Court West

New Orleans, LA 70129

I^KBBBH • 504/254-3500

Fax; 504/254-0887 24-hour Service:

MARINE SYSTEMS, INC. 504/254-3515 at ASNE-#211-212

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BENDER INCORPORATED introduces the most comprehensive line of insulation monitoring and ground fault location equipment available in the US. Ground faults pose serious threats to sophisticated electrical systems and their equipment. Bender insulation monitors and ground fault location equipment offer an early and effective means of locating impending ground faults.

BENDER monitors are used for the continuous active monitoring of grounded, ungrounded and high-resistance- grounded power systems. They may also be used for the passive monitoring of idle and/or standby equipment. These units operate by continuously monitoring the insulation level from the Megohm ranges down. Metered output of ohmic readings and adjustable alarm levels ensure that any ground leakage current is automatically indicated.

BENDER offers a wide range of device selection depending upon the application. Insulation monitors can operate on

AC 1PH/3PH systems, pure DC systems, and AC networks with large DC components, 50-400Hz, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 660V, all the way up to 10,000V.

BENDER monitors provide essential predictive maintenance information and reduce ground fault location to a simple task Bender finds faults before systems fail! m

Visit us at OTC '89...Booth 5036 19 East Central Avenue

Paoli, PA 19301 (800)356-4266 L°j 1101 o

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Navy Halon fire extinguishing systems, will exhibit at Booth 108.


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Waukesha Bearings supplies oil and water lubricated tailshaft bearings and seals, line- shaft bearings, thrust bearings, propeller installation and removal systems and stern tube and seal lubrication system compo- nents. The company will exhibit at Booth 102.


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Worthington Pumps will be exhibiting at

Booth 16. The company offers a broad line of centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating pumps for the marine industry. Pumps for cargo-handling, circulating, ballasting, dry- dock dewatering, main feed and engine room auxiliaries.


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At Booth 214, Xomox Corporation will dis- play its Turline ball, plug and butterfly valves, Pliaxseal high performance butterfly valves and Matryx actuators.


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Information on high performance cou- plings and clutches for marine propulsion applications offered by Zurn Industries, Inc., will be available at Booth 92. $360,129 Contract

Awarded To Bender

For NOAA Ship Repair

Bender Shipbuilding & Repair

Co., Inc., Mobile, Ala., was recently awarded a contract worth $360,129 for the drydocking and repair of the

National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration (NOAA) ship Ore- gon II, a 170-foot by 34-foot fisher- ies research vessel based in Pasca- goula, Miss.

For free literature detailing the full service yard of Bender Ship- building,

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Cranes For U.S. Navy's

T-ACS Crane Ship Program

Intercontinental Engineering-

Manufacturing Corporation (IN-

TERCON) of Kansas City, Mo., has been awarded additional options for the manufacture of pedestal type, twin-cargo cranes for the U.S.

Navy's Auxiliary Crane Ship (T-

ACS) program. This contract covers a lot of four cranes for installation aboard crane ships T-ACS-9 and -10. The cranes will be delivered to

Norfolk Shipbuilding & Drydock

Corporation (NORSHIPCO), Nor- folk, Va., for incorporation in the containership conversion effort.

INTERCON completed its con- tract for six of these twin cranes in late 1988 for T-ACS-7 and -8. Tam- pa Shipyards, Tampa, Fla., is han- dling the conversion and reactiva- tion of the ships.

The Model TG3637 Twin Cargo

Crane consists of two cranes on a single pedestal. Each crane is rated 30 long tons at 121-foot outreach.

Hoisting capacity, in dual mode op- eration, is 60 long tons at 121-foot outreach. All functions of the cranes are electro-hydraulically powered.

For free literature detailing the cranes offered by INTERCON,

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