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Simrad/Anritsu's New Radars

Offer Outstanding Selection

All Simrad/Anritsu radars feature full function menus with self-test facilities, a high level of user programming ability, one-year parts and labor warranty, and the full support of

Simrad's comprehensive dealer network.

Simrad/Anritsu's new radars offer an out- standing selection with superior short-range performance, and exceptional resolution and definition.

The RA720UA (0.25-60 NM, 5 kw) and

RA721UA (0.25-96 NM, 10 kw) have 12-inch monochrome displays, outstanding performance and reliability, and are compact and afforda- ble.

The RA711CA (0.25-60 NM, 5 kw) and

RA712CA (0.25-96 NM, 10 kw) have 11-inch color displays which boast a superior level of performance.

The AR-C12A has a large 14-inch color dis- play and a 10-kw transmitter combined with superior detection, extremely high resolution and definition.

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Simrad/Anritsu's new radars,

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Rados International Designing

Cummins-Powered Fireboat

For City Of Los Angeles

Rados International Corporation, naval archi- tects and marine engineers of San Pedro, Calif., has been awarded a design contract by the City of Los Angeles for a new state-of-the-art fire- boat.

The new vessel, designated as boat #6, is being planned to prepare for the harbor's con- tinued growth and expansion, both in super- tanker and container operations as well as pier- side construction.

The new fireboat, of welded steel construc- tion, will be 100 feet in length, 23 feet in breadth, have a draft of 7 feet, and a speed of approximately 13 knots. The completed design will incorporate a total pumping capacity of 15,000 gpm through seven monitors, and contain a fully automated engine room with new sophis- ticated electronic and hydraulic system designs.

It will be equipped for patrol, search, and rescue missions and have a 7-10 minute response time to cover the vast area of the Los Angeles inner and outer harbors.

Designed to accommodate a maximum of five and a minimum of three firefighting personnel, the vessel will be propelled by twin Cummins

KT-38 diesel engines, each rated to deliver 800 bhp at 1,800 rpm, driving fixed-pitch propellers through reverse reduction gears with a ratio of 3 to 1. The exhaust system will have a dry stack configuration.

The firefighting system will be composed of three main pumps with dedicated Cummins

KT-38 engines producing 5,000 gpm each. Deck monitors provided by Stang Mfg Inc., one on the bow and four on the stern, with 3,000-gpm capacity, will be remotely controlled from the pilothouse, as will the pilothouse turret rated at ' ----- 7*T\

V ! Jif

Jj - - =

Profile drawing of the new Cummins-powered fireboat designed for the City of Los Angeles by Rados. 10,000 gpm with a 400-foot stream. Tow thru- hull underwharf nozzles with 2,000 gpm each will all be operated from the pilothouse. Twin reduced capacity deck-mounted turrets, mounted in the bow port and starboard, for pilothouse protection, will contain 500-gpm spray capacities. An elevated tower monitor will also provide a 350-foot stream from 3,000 gpm.

A telescoping aerial platform will be incorpo- rated for water rescues.

Foam firefighting capabilities will comprise 2,000 gallons of ATC foam which may be distrib- uted proportionately from 3 percent to 6 per- cent.

Rados, in addition, will provide contract ad- ministration and construction inspection ser- vices for the port.

In addition to providing technical design and engineering services to the City of Los Angeles,

Rados has also been contracted to provide ser- vices to the Port of Long Beach incidental to the upgrading, system redesign and crew training for two new 88-foot fireboats constructed at

Moss Point in Mississippi.

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SLM CORPORATION 715-394-4444 • FAX 715-394-6199

Are you looking for quality hoists, winches, capstans and related accessories for carpulling, barge moving, construc- tion, mining, logging, petroleim indus- try, dredging arid/or other special appli- cations powered by electric, gas, diesel, hydraulics, air or steam?

Look no further!

We at S-L-M are proud to announce that our new edition of a 12-page color bulletin is now available. (The right is reserved to accept or reject your request.)

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Setting the standard for shipboard electronic enclosures

For oivr luv decades. A &J Manufacturing Com pany has specialized in providing the \aiy with electronic racks and cabinets. In that time, our tvrsatile. modular design has made enclosure standardization a reality. This proprietary design and method of construction pro/ides the highest strength to weight ratio cabinets available that meet the most stringent shock and vibration specifications and

EMI/RFI shielding requirements

A & J standard and custom enclosures are environ- mentally qualified for all types of Navy vessels.

A& J Manufacturing Company 14131 Franklin Avenue, Tustin. California 92680. (714) 544 9570

Manufactured and distributed in Canada by the Devtek Corporation

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