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Fairbanks Morse Receives $48.1-Million Order

For T-AO Class Engines

The Fairbanks Morse Engine Di- vision of Colt Industries has re- ceived a $48.1-million order from

Avondale Industries, Inc., Avon- dale, La., for engines for the U.S.

Navy T-AO-187 Henry J. Kaiser

Class fleet oiler program.

The contract involves four ships,

T-AO-198, -200, -202 and -204, each of which is powered by two 10-cylin- der PC4.2 Colt-Pielstick diesel en- gines, each rated at 16,290 bhp.

The T-AO-187 Class ships, which are under construction at Avondale

Industries' Shipyards Division, will have the capability to transport fuel from shore to forces underway and can also deliver water, cargo, mail and personnel on a limited basis.

Delivery of the engines to Avon- dale will commence in the second half of this year and are currently projected to extend through 1992.

For more information on the die- sel engine line of Fairbanks Morse,

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Seacoast Electric

Offers Marine Cable

And Service Brochures

Seacoast Electric Company, Rye,

N.Y., is offering a number of free brochures and bulletins detailing its marine shipboard cables, "Just-In-

Time" computerized inventory management and distribution sys- tem and other products and ser- vices. In addition, the company also is offering a detailed training manu- al, which provides users with a greater knowledge of shipboard ca- bles, cord, tubing, and other marine electrical products and equipment.

The products detailed in the Sea- coast Electric literature include the company's new advanced low- smoke, low-halogen marine cable,

MIL-C-24643, which has been ap- proved and qualified by the U.S.

Navy for unshielded, shielded and all optimized braided shielded con- structions. Also detailed is the Sea- coast Electric advanced lightweight marine cable, MIL-C-24640.

Among the services offered by the company, Seacoast's "Just-In-

Time" (J.I.T.) inventory manage- ment and distribution system is one of its most unique.

According to the company, J.I.T. allows a customer to have complete control and use of his inventory by means of on-line information via computer link-up between Sea- coast's warehouse and the custom- er's office.

This system allows for easy inven- tory analysis as well as streamlined ordering, purchasing, invoicing and distribution geared to a customer's exact production needs. With the cost-efficient J.I.T. program, the company reports there is no expe- diting, more efficient communica- tions, less need to stockpile invento- ry, less personnel involved in pro- curement, less time to execute or-

April, 1989 ders, less waste and less scrap. This adds up to higher productivity and profit on inventory investment.

Seacoast's detailed 54-page train- ing manual provides an excellent comprehensive overview of ship- board and marine electrical equip- ment. The manual is divided into 13 sections, and includes such subjects as conductors, insulations, shields and armors, shipboard cable his- tory, U.S. Navy cable, terminal and stuffing tubes, etc.

In addition, Seacoast announced that its credit department has ex- tended its hours and is now open from 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. EST to provide customers with better ser- vice. Customers can reach the credit department by calling (914) 921- 0400. After 5 p.m., call (914) 976-800 for service.

Claire Demmel, Michele Col- lins and Noreen McCarthy-

Flores are Seacoast's credit repre- sentatives. They are able to assist customers with any questions re- garding invoices, credits, return au- thorizations and credit status.

For free copies of the Seacoast

Electric brochures and literature,

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Colt Industries @ Fairbanks Morse

Engine Division

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Chri cTirlO °f Societe d'Etudes de Machines Thermiques

Paris. France.

Fairbanks Morse OP Engines

We have


PACKAGES for your i i high horsepower i i application!


Series Engines

From — 640 to — 29,332 Bhp.

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