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Hall Named Manager,

Sales And Marketing

At Avondale Industries ation, and outstanding discrimina- tion. Rascar was chosen for use aboard the new Swedish icebreaker

Oden, following the sea-trials in which it was shown that the eight levels of video on the Rascar display provided better discrimination of ice ridges, making the task of deter- mining best vessel path much eas- ier.

Available in either X-Band or X-

Band configurations, Rascar can also be used as a stand-alone display for other radar systems. This capa- bility is provided through the use of a "Universal Adaptive Interface" option available for all configura- tions of Rascar. Finally, Mr. Man- fredi stated, Rascar's use of high- power processing and a widely ac- cepted VME bus allows for interfac- ing with other systems such as

ECM, voyage management systems, integrated navigation, and multiple radar sources, as well as providing the capability of being used as a uni- versal display.

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Charles A. Hall

Barry Heaps, general manager of Avondale Boat Division, Avon- dale Industries, Inc., has named

Charles A. Hall as manager of sales and marketing for the division.

Mr. Hall will be responsible for sales and marketing of the division's domestic and foreign marine-con- struction programs.

According to Mr. Heaps, the ad- dition of this position reflects the steady growth of Avondale's Boat


Mr. Hall has spent 27 years in marine-related marketing and man- agement. Most recently, he was president of Maritime Marketing,

Ltd., a New Orleans-based interna- tional marketing and consulting firm. He has also been associated with several shipyards and inland and offshore marine groups, includ- ing Halter Marine, Inc., and Ameri- can Marine Corporation in the New

Orleans area. In these companies, he has held management positions re- lated to operations and marketing.

The Avondale Boat Division, us- ing the company's advanced engi- neering and assembly technology, contracts with a variety of clients to build state-of-the-art boats, such as high-speed, surface effect passenger ferries.

Sperry Marine Rascar

Gains Acceptance

With Naval Communities

Sperry Marine's Rascar, the revo- lutionary new touchscreen control rasterscan radar/ARPA, is gaining acceptance in naval communities worldwide, according to Mike

Manfredi, senior marketing repre- sentative. The ability of Rascar to rapidly acquire, lock onto, track, and predict course and speed of a designated target provides the naval operator with the ability to do tar- get intercept, fire control solutions, and normal ARPA collision avoid- ance calculations automatically.

These capabilities coupled with its user-friendly touchscreen control have shown Rascar to be a cost effective enhancement to today's in- creasingly valuable FPBs, FPBMs, and larger vessels, according to Mr.


The Swedish Navy selected the

Rascar display because of its inher- ent user-friendliness, efficient oper-


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