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New Worldwide Distributor Network

For EMD Power Products —Free Literature Available—

A new worldwide distributor net- work that will sell and service EMD engines, generators and motors in the marine, industrial and oil drill- ing markets has been established by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors to increase flexi- bility and improve customer ser- vice.

Distributors, with their autho- rized parts sales and service centers, will provide local availability of gen- uine EMD parts and rebuild compo- nents in assigned areas of responsi- bility. They will handle all direct sales and field service activities, in- cluding technical assistance and "hands on" maintenance.

Distributors will market EMD power products, engines and acces- sories. They will take basic compo- nents, furnished by EMD, and cus- tom assemble them for specific ap- plications. This will provide flexibil- ity in customizing designs to meet specific customer requirements for

EMD products. Basic components development will continue to be handled by EMD's central engineer- ing staff, thereby ensuring custom- ers will be getting state-of-the-art equipment.

An EMD sales and service staff for power products will be head- quartered in LaGrange, 111. This group will provide sales, technical service, and engineering support to distributors.

Most of the distributors, who are assigned a specific territory of sales and service responsibility (see illus- tration for details), will carry both

EMD and Detroit Diesel Corpora- tion products, providing customers a full line of engines with a broad power range.

Kelly Jones, EMD power prod- ucts business manager, said, "There are a lot of companies in the mar- ketplace right now representing themselves as suppliers of EMD products. It's important for power products customers to know that

EMD's new distributors and their assigned parts sales and service cen- ters are the only ones authorized by

GM to sell genuine EMD prod- ucts."

The following is a listing of the new distributors. For free literature detailing the EMD power products offered by the distributor, circle the corresponding Reader Service Num- ber immediately following the ad- dress.

U.S. East Coast—Power Sys- tems Division, Morrison-Knuds- en Co., Inc., P.O. Box 1928, Rocky

Mount, N.C. 27801; telephone: (919) 977-2720; twx: 510-929-0725; fax: 919-446-3830. EMD contact: Milt


Circle 10 on Reader Service Card

U.S. Midwest, South, Mexico and

Central America — Stewart &

Stevenson Services, Inc., 2707

North Loop West, P.O. Box 1637,

Houston, Texas 77251-1637; tele- phone: (713) 868-7700; telex: 794221; fax: 713-868-7692. EMD contact: Tommy Wall. Or, contact:

Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., 1400 Destrehan Ave., Harvey, La. 70059; telephone: (504) 347-4326; fax: 504-348-8970. EMD contact:

Ralston Cole.

Circle 11 on Reader Service Card

U.S. Midwest, North—Valley

Detroit Diesel Allison, 13644

East Nelson Avenue, City Industry,

Calif. 91744; telephone: (818) 333- 1243; twx: 910-584-1318; fax: 818- 369-7096. EMD contact: Lee Ar- kus.

Circle 12 on Reader Service Card

U.S. West Coast, Baja Peninsula,

Alaska and Hawaii—Western En- gine Company, Energy Systems

Corporation, 500 South Lombard

Road, Addison, 111. 60101; tele- phone: (312) 620-2000; telex: 728468; fax: 312-620-0287. EMD contact: Bob Bowles.

Circle 14 on Reader Service Card

Australia, Indonesia, New Zea- land, New Guinea, Philippines and

Malaysia — Detroit Engine &

Turbine Co., P.O. Box 188, Blair

Athol, South Australia 5084, Aus- tralia; telephone: 260-2299; telex: 790-82427; fax: 349-4142. EMD con- tact: Ray Dawkins.

Circle 15 on Reader Service Card

Canada — Midwest Power

Products, Ltd., 1460 Waverly

Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cana- da R3T 3G6; telephone: (204) 452- 8244; telex: 075-7726; fax: 204-452- § 86

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