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Telf.: (34-561 27 33 50

Fax:134-56127 8362 25 68 28

Telex: 76021 ASTILE 76153AVEN E


Telf.: 134-54145 10 11

Fax: 134-54) 45 76 59

Telex: 72345 ASTILE

Telf. 134-4) 495 71 50

Fax: 134-4) 496 49 76

Telex: 31519 AERSE


Telf.: 134-42) 54 00 50

Fax: 134-42154 00 26

T«ex: 35810 ASSAE


Telf.: 134-81134 07 00

Fax:134-8113409 54 134-81)34 32 52

Telex: 85507 ASTAN E 82381 ASTAN E

Why you should repair (or convert) your ships at Astilleros

We think that you have at least four good reasons to choose Spain:

Our strategic allocation.

Spain is the natural crosspoint for all maior routes linking America,

Europe and the East, and crude oil shipping through the Suez Canal or the Cape of Good Hope.

Our technical skills and facilities. 12 dry docks and 2 floating docks, with capacities up to 400.000 d.w.t.

Our conversion experience Ask for the facts. Astilleros has successfully converted all kinds of vessels lour recent contracts include the conversion of a 21.000 dwt Bulkcarrrier into a molten Sulphur carrier for Navimin).

And Astilleros is a well known leader in FPSO and FSU and in

Internal Blasting and Coating.

A spread of specialized yards.

Along the long coastline of Spain, and covering all tonnages.

And the Spanish weather...

Last but no least: an excellent climate means that work is rarely held up by adverse weather.

As Astilleros offers, also, the best price and surprising financial packages, don't you think it's high time to check on us?


For further information: Astilleros Espanoles, S.A.

Padilla, 17 28006 Madrid

Tel. 13411 435 78 40

Telex 27648 ASTIL-E

Fax. 13411 276 29 56

Circle 214 on Reader Service Card The Shipbuilders of Spain

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