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U.S. Navy Fleet (continued)

Beam: 39 feet; Power Plant: Four Waukesha diesels in MCM-1 and MCM-2; four Isotta

Fraschini diesels in others; and two shafts.

Built by Peterson Builders

USS Avenger (MCM-1)

USS Sentry (MCM-3)

USS Guardian (MCM-5) *

USS Devastator (MCM-6)*

USS Scout (MCM-8) *

USS Pioneer (MCM-9) *

USS Warrior (MCM-10)*

USS Gladiator (MCM-11)*

Built by Marinette Marine

USS Defender (MCM-2)

USS Champion (MCM-4)

USS Patriot (MCM-7)*


Osprey Class (MHC-51) (Based on Italian

Lerici Class)

Displacement: 785 tons; Length: 188 feet;

Beam: 36 feet; Power Plant: Two diesels, two with Voith-Schneider propulsion sys- tems.

Built by Intermarine USA

USS Osprey (MHC-51)*


Aggressive Class (MSO-422)

Displacement: 720 tons; Length: 172 feet;

Beam: 36 feet; Power Plant: Four diesels and two shafts.

Built by Higgins

USS Fidelity (MSO-443)

Built by Martinolich Shipbuilding

USS Illusive (MSO-448)

Built by J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding

USS Leader (MSO-490)


Displacement: 1,300 tons; Length: 208 feet;

Beam: 39 feet; Power Plant: Diesel-electric and one shaft.

Built by Marietta Manufacturing

USNS Lynch (T-AGOR-7)

Built by Northwest Marine Iron Works

USNS DeSteigeur (T-AGOR-12)

USNS Bartlett (T-AGOR-13)

Converted Eltanin Class

Displacement: 4,942 tons; Length: 262 feet;

Beam: 51-1/2 feet; Power Plant: Diesel electric and two shafts.

Built by Avondale Shipyards

USNS Mizar (T-AGOR-11)

Hayes Class

Displacement: 3,320 tons; Length: 246 feet;

Beam: 75 feet; Power Plant: Geared diesels and two shafts.

Converted by Tacoma Boatbuilding

USNS Hayes (T-AGOR-16)3


Maury Class (T-AGS-39)

Displacement: 15,821 tons; Length: 500 feet; Beam: 72 feet; Power Plant: Two medium-speed diesels.

Built by Bethlehem Steel-Sparrows Point

USNS Maury (T-AGS-39) *

USNS Tanner (T-AGS-40) *

H.H. Hess Class (T-AGS-38)

Displacement: 21,235 tons; Length: 536 feet; Beam: 76 feet; Power Plant: Steam turbine, two boilers and one shaft.

Built by National Steel & Shipbuilding

USNS H.H. Hess (T-AGS-38)

Silas Bent Classs (T-AGS-26)

Displacement: 2,800 tons; Length: 285 feet;

Beam: 48 feet; Power Plant: Diesel electric and one shaft.

Built by American Shipbuilding

USNS Silas Bent (T-AGS-26)

Built by Christy Corporation

USNS Kane (T-AGS-27) t

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Wilkes Class (T-AGS-33)

Same as Silas Bent Class.

Built by Defoe Shipbuilding

USNS Wilkes (T-AGS-33)

USNS Wyman (T-AGS-34)

Chauvenet Class (T-AGS-29)Displacement: 4,350 tons; Length: 393 feet; Beam: 54 feet; Power Plant: Geared diesel and one shaft.

Built by Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UK)

USNS Chauvenet (T-AGS-29)

USNS Harkness (T-AGS-32)

Converted Victory Class

Displacement: 13,050 tons; Length: 455 feet; Beam: 62 feet; Power Plant: Steam turbine and one shaft.

Built by Oregon Shipbuilder

USNS Bowditch (T-AGS-21)

USNS Dutton (T-AGS-22)


Stalwart Class (T-AGOS-1)

Displacement: 2,285 tons; Length: 224 feet;

Beam: 43 feet; Power Plant: Four diesel generators and two shafts.

Built by Tacoma Boatbuilding

USNS Stalwart (T-AGOS-1)

USNS Contender (T-AGOS-2)

USNS Vindicator (T-AGOS-3)

USNS Triumph (T-AGOS-4)

USNS Assurance (T-AGOS-5)

USNS Persistent (T-AGOS-6)

USNS Indomitable (T-AGOS-7)

USNS Prevail (T-AGOS-8)

USNS Assertive (T-AGOS-9)

USNS Invincible (T-AGOS-IO)

USNS Audacious (T-AGOS-11)*

USNS Bold (T-AGOS-12) *

Built by Halter Marine

USNS Adventurous (T-AGOS-13)*

USNS Worthy (T-AGOS-14)*

USNS Titan ?T-AGOS-15)*

USNS Capable (T-AGOS-16)*

USS Intrepid (T-AGOS-17)*

USS Relentless (T-AGOS-18)*

Victorious Class (Small Waterplane Area Twin-Hull)

Displacement: 3,380 tons; Length: 232 feet;

Beam: 94 feet; Power Plant: Diesel elec- tric.

Built by McDermott Shipyard

USNS Victorious (T-AGOS-19)*

Unnamed (T-AGOS-20)*

Unnamed (T-AGOS-21)*

Unnamed (T-AGOS-22)*


Henry J. Kaiser Class (T-AO-187)

Displacement: 40,700 tons; Length: 677-1/ 2 feet; Beam: 97-1/2 feet; Power Plant:

Two Colt-Pielstick diesels and twin shafts.

Built by Avondale Shipyards

USNS Henry J. Kaiser (T-AO-187)

USNS Joshua Humphreys (T-AO-188)

USNS John Lenthall (T-AO-189)

USNS Andrew J. Higgins (T-AO-190)

USNS John Ericcson (T-AO-194)

USNS Leroy Grumman (T-AO-195)

Unnamed (T-AO-197)*

Unnamed (T-AO-198)*

Unnamed (T-A0-200)*

Unnamed (T-A0-202)*

Unnamed (T-A0-204)*

Built by Pennsylvania Shipbuilding

USNS Benjamin Isherwood (T-AO-191)*

USNS Henry Eckford (T-AO-192) *

Mispillion Class (Jumboized) (T-A0-I05)

Displacement: 35,000 tons; Length: 644 feet; Beam: 75 feet; Power Plant: Geared turbines, four boilers and two shafts.

Built by Sun Shipbuilding

USNS Mispillion (T-AO-W5)

USNS Navasota (T-AO-IO6)

USNS Passumpsic (T-A0-I07)

USNS Pawcatuck (T-AO-W8)

USNS Waccanaw (T-AQ-109)

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