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Vanuatu Appoints Cowley

Representative To IMO

Vanuatu recently appointed Dr.

J. Cowley as its representative to the International Maritime Organi- zation, the U.N. agency concerned with shipping safety and the pre- vention of pollution from ships.

Prior to his retirement last year,

Dr. Cowley was the Surveyor Gen- eral of the Maritime Directorate of the United Kingdom, Department of Transport. His previous positions included Engineer Surveyor in

Chief and Chief Examiner of Engi- neers.

In 1987, Dr. Cowley was awarded the International Maritime

Prize by IMO. The award is pre- sented annually to the individual or organization judged to have made the most significant contribution to the work and objectives of IMO. $9.5-Million Navy

Contract Awarded

Envisions, Inc.

Envisions, Inc. of Chula Vista,

Calif., was recently awarded a $9.5- million Navy contract to "imple- ment and manage programs de- signed to improve efficiency and quality control on board all 15 air- craft carriers of the U.S. Navy


The contract, awarded by the

U.S. Naval Sea System Command's

Field Unit—Planning, Engineering,

Repair and Alterations (Aircraft

Carriers), calls for Envisions engi- neers and technicians to develop plans for production of ship's mate- rial reports as well as detailed ship's force work reports and quality as- surance plans.

Navy Commissions

Guided Missile Cruiser

The U.S. Navy recently commis- sioned the guided missile cruiser

USS Philippine Sea at ceremonies in Portland, Maine, at Bath Iron

Works shipyard.

Senator William S. Cohen, R-

Maine, was the principal speaker at the ceremony. Renee Lyons, wife of Admiral James A. Lyons, Jr.,

U.S. Navy (Ret.), was the sponsor of the ship.

USS Philippine Sea is a Ticonde- roga Class (CG-47) cruiser built to provide the primary antiair warfare protection for the Navy's battle forces. Equipped with the Aegis combat system, the ship is able to operate in all warfare mission areas to detect, track and destroy enemy aircraft, missiles, submarines and surface ships. The Aegis system, comprising radars, computers and weapons, is designed to function effectively in all weather and hostile countermeasure environments.

USS Philippine Sea is 567 feet in length, has a 55-foot beam and dis- places about 9,600 tons. Four GE gas turbine engines enable the ship to reach speeds in excess of 30 knots.

The ship is equipped to carry standard surface-to-air and Toma- hawk missiles launched from fore and aft vertical launching systems; the fully automated, radar-con- trolled Phalanx anti-air weapon sys- tem; Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles; two five-inch guns; elec- tronic warfare systems and two

Light Airborne Multi-Purpose Sys- tem (LAMPS) helicopters.

Robertson-Shipmate Offers

Free 123-Page Book On

Accurate Navigation

Robertson-Shipmate, Inc. recent- ly announced the availability of the 123-page book entitled "GPS—New

Perspectives in Accurate Naviga- tion." The publication, originally priced at $10, will be made available at no charge to qualified members of the trade or potential GPS system users.

For a free copy of the book from


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