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COLUMBIAN EUREKA KARAT® ROPES, made of EStalon? a highly sophisticated copolymer of polyester and olefin... compare most favorably in quality and strength with NYLON polyamide multi-filament fiber ropes...and POLYESTER multi- filament fiber ropes.

Ultra Line™ ropes and Steel Line® ropes, which are copolymers of polypropylene and polyethylene, are not in the same tensile strength class! £

KARAT 5.15 6800 43.5 53,000 135 164,000

NYLON 6.51 6400 55 53,000 168 162,000

POLYESTER 8.14 6400 66 47,000 200 142,000

ULTRA LINE 4.4 5400 36.5 38,500 115 116,000

STEEL LINE N.A. N.A. 36.6 38,000 114 115,000

Ultra Line is a trademark of American Manufacturing Co.

Steel Line is a registered trade name of Wall Industries, Inc.

Eureka™ KARAT Ropes are unique, one-of-a-kind and exclusively COLUMBIAN.

KARAT ropes float, are flexible with Ultra Violet stability, do not absorb water, have half of Nylon's elongation at working load levels, are stronger when wet, have good anti-abrasion qualities, and are easy to handle.

For further information, including price, delivery and technical field advice, write or call:


PO. Box 270

Guntown, MS 38849

Phone 601-348-2241 in MS 800-821-4391 Other

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Alpha Diesel Introduces Four-Stroke

Medium-Speed Diesel Engine Series —Color Brochure Offered—

MAN B&W's objective at their

Alpha Diesel Frederikshavn estab- lishment is to meet the day-to-day requirements and improvements for efficient and reliable ship propul- sion systems in all types of vessels.

There are few manufacturers with more experience than Alpha Diesel in the design, manufacture and ser- vice of complete propulsion sys- tems. From the start of the century

Alpha Diesel has manufactured complete propulsion systems con- sisting of engine, gearbox, propeller equipment and remote controls.

At MAN B&W Diesel's Research and Development Centers in Den- mark and West Germany a staff of experts use all the very latest tech- nology to ensure customers an Al- pha propulsion system is the most attractive investment for the future.

One of the latest engines introduced by MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Alpha

Diesel is the 28/32A engine, a devel- opment of the well-known 28-series of four-stroke medium-speed diesel engines.

Profile of MAN B&W Diesel's in-line engine type L28/32A, available with 6, 8 and 9 cylinders.

The engine is available as an in- line engine with 6, 8 and 9 cylinders and in V configuration with 12 and 16 cylinders. The cylinder output is

Profile of the V28/32A engine, available in V configuration with 12 and 16 cylinders. 220 kw (300 hp) at 750 engine rev/ min. Under non-tropical conditions the 6-, 9- and 12-cylinder versions can be delivered with cylinder out- puts of 245 kw (333 hp).

The reliability achieved with the 28/32A engine is the result of careful analysis of information obtained from earlier 28-series engines over many years in service. This experi- ence was collated from approxi- mately 1,000 engines and corre- sponding to approximately 2.1 mil- lion hp.

The sturdy engine block is of nodular cast-iron. The engine has easy access for maintenance and all major moving parts are protected by noise absorbing covers and enclo- sures.

The cylinder covers have well- dimensioned inlet and exhaust ports for efficient air changes. Direct cooled valve seat rings enable long intervals between valve overhaul and trouble-free operating when burning heavy fuels with viscosities up to 700 cSt.

To provide an engine which is as far as possible self contained (re- quiring the minimum of additional services), engine-driven pumps are arranged at the forward end of the engine to cater for engine cooling water, lube and fuel oil services.

The engine is also provided with a simple and reliable air start motor obviating the necessity for compli- cated air start valves, distributor and extensive associated pipe work which such a system requires. 92 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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