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Mechanical limit switches are still preferable to electronic proximity switches in most

Navy applications. Here, a Namco Snap-Lock® switch controls a davit gearbox. Rugged Snap-Lock switches have reliably stood up to harsh environments like this for years. "Are Limit Switches

Too 'Old Fashioned' For Today's Navy?"

Not By a

Long Shot.

Here's Why...

Electronic sensors are great...but not for every ap- plication. We should know, since we make nearly all kinds of electronic and electro-mechani- cal switches, includ- ing proximity, pho- toelectric, fiber optic and laser sensors.

We also make limit switches, which, in our mind, are superior for

Navy and marine tasks.

Why Limit Switches?

Most importantly, our limit switches are proven rugged and reliable. Right now, we've got thou- sands on the seas.

All are made by

Namco, the only supplier of nuclear qualified limit switches to the U.S. nu- clear industry and Navy.

Additionally, our switches meet MIL-C-2212...just try to find a proximity switch that can.

Finally, our limit switches are "seaman-friendly." By that we mean repairable at sea, if necessary. Unfortu- nately, electronic switches cannot be fixed...just dis- carded.

All in all, knowing what mechanical and electronic switches can and can't do, we recommend mechanical limit switches for most

Navy and marine uses. Call us, we'll be happy to show you more!


Mechanical Switches

Are Best For Navy Use f • Meet MIL-C-2212 • Wide temperature operating range: -40°C to 150 C • Nuclear qualified, including radiation • High shock and vibration resistant • Non-corroding and rust- resistant materials throughout • Most performance for least dollars • Carry high voltage and current • Self-cleaning sliding contact or butt contact versions • Submersible and watertight • No special protection needed for RFI/EMI environments • Multiple contacts, so that one switch can operate more than one system

Call or write for our

Navy/Marine Switch \ Selector catalog.

NSN Cross Reference Numbers For Limit j

Switches & Solenoids Available On Request 1

Namco Controls, An Acme-Cleveland Company, 7567 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060, In Ohio (216) 946-9900, Telex: 24-1566

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