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Diesel Power Review (continued)


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Stewart & Stevenson Services,

Inc., with branches in Harvey, La., and Houston, Texas, is one of the world's largest distributors of diesel engines with Detroit Diesel and

General Motors-EMD engines from 50 to 4,300 hp.

With a normal inventory of hundreds of diesel engines and gen- erators, a staff of experienced me- chanical, electrical, and marine en- gineers, along with 24-hour world- wide parts and service, Stewart &

Stevenson offers an excellent sup- port network to its customers.

Full service branches, two reman- ufacturing plants, and over 200 dealers are ready to provide full ser- vice to customers, from financing a vessel to training and technical sup- port.

Stewart & Stevenson can provide custom engineered power systems for all marine applications.

Reintjes gearbox, fixed-pitch pro- peller, PTO gearbox, controls and all other necessary ancillary equip- ment. The Sulzer 6S20 diesel en- gines develop 870 kw (1,185 bhp) each at 1,000 rpm.

The re-engining of the vessels will provide them with higher speed ca- pability.

With cylinder dimensions of 200- mm bore and 300-mm stroke, the

S20 range of six-, eight- and nine- cylinder engines offers power out- puts between 570 and 1,350 kw at speeds of 720-1,000 rpm. Using technology proven in Sulzer's large four-stroke engine types, the S20 has benefits of: (1) full heavy-fuel operation (700 cSt) and increased performance with marine diesel oil; (2) clean combustion, even at part load, without a need to use a charge air heating system in low-load oper- ation; and (3) designed for high reli- ability and durability with two-year overhaul intervals.


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Since it was first introduced in 1982, over 150 SW280 diesel engines (continued)

Asea Brown Boveri service has the speed and skill to keep the ball in the air.


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The new 354-foot Swedish ice- breaker Oden features Sulzer diesel engines for both her propulsion and auxiliary duties. She is propelled by four Sulzer eight-cylinder ZA40S medium-speed diesel engines with a total power output of 18,000 kw (24,500 hp) at 510 rpm. In addition, the ship's electrical requirements are met by four Sulzer 6AT25H aux- iliary diesel engines, each of 1,270 kw (1,730 bhp) output at 1,000 rpm.

Both main and auxiliary engines were built under license in Poland.

The diesel-mechanical machinery arrangement of the 13,000-ton Oden represents the latest state-of-the- art technology in icebreaker design.

The 8ZA40S main engines drive twin CP propellers through gearing and thereby end a diesel-electrical tradition in Baltic icebreakers that has lasted over 50 years. The change came principally because of machin- ery cost and fuel consumption but was also supported by past success with diesel-mechanical machinery in other icebreakers in other coun- tries. In addition, the Oden rein- forces Sulzer's leading position in the icebreaker market. Some 299

Sulzer medium-speed diesel engines totaling about 1,026 MW (1.4 mil- lion bhp) have been installed in, or ordered for, 116 icebreaking ves- sels.

In other company news, Sulzer marked its first Sulzer S20 marine propulsion system installation when

Pesquera Loa Norte SA of Chile ordered seven of the units for re- engining of seven fishing vessels.

Each propulsion system includes a six-cylinder S20 diesel engine,

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The great majority of diesel engine: over 500 kW have BBC turbochargers, S( an extraordinarily wide-spread, fast ant efficient service organization to span you nasty surprises will come as no sur prise.

From the first (which we were) our airr has been to lead (which we do) in achiev ing the highest benefits at the lowes costs. And we do it most effectively. If: been proved by experience.

Every year we train over a hundrei technicians in providing fast, flawles: service at minimum cost. They are base< at service centers strategically locate! all over the world. And backed by a cen tral register containing instant, precisi details about your turbocharger. Thei job is to keep things running. To keep thi ball in the air.

Asea Brown Boveri Ltd


CH-5401 Baden/Switzerland

Telephone 056/75 40 37

Telex 828 291 20 bb ch ASEA BROWN BOVER

First for heavy-duty turbocharger




Telephone: (201) 932-6241

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