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Allison General Manager

Named GM Vice President

Dr. F. Blake Wallace

Allison Gas Turbine's general manager, Dr. F. Blake Wallace, has been named a vice president of the General Motors Corporation.

The announcement was made in De- troit by Roger B. Smith, chair- man, GM board of directors.

Indianapolis-based Allison Gas

Turbine designs and manufacturers gas turbine engines for aircraft, ma- rine and industrial uses. It is also a leader in the development of tech- nology for use in gas turbine en- gines.

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Details New Doucette

High Tech Condenser

There continues to be a wide- spread growth of a new condenser design. This new condenser technol- ogy is presently being used in air conditioning and refrigeration in military ships, cargo ships, fishing fleets and offshore rigs, as well as smaller vessels.

According to Roger Lynch, sales manager for Doucette Indus- tries, Inc., York, Pa., "This condens- er is called a compact CounterFlow condenser. With this type of design, the condenser is smaller and costs 30-60 percent less than conventional shell and tube designs." The con- denser is designed to be rugged and reliable, in addition to being me- chanically cleanable for longer life.

Further, says Mr. Lynch, "The

CounterFlow design replaces the conventional shell and tube designs, especially in the 1 to 40 horsepower applications. With 14 years of prov- en field experience, the use of this condenser is growing because of its compact size, reliability and lower cost.

The Doucette condenser is a high efficiency heat exchanger based on two principles—CounterFlow de- sign and high performance tubes.

Doucette claims the condenser uses 60 percent less material than a typi- cal shell and tube type unit. The iunit uses TurboFlow tubes for high performance and reduced fouling.

The condenser has a built-in "fail- safe" feature with no internal joints that protect the refrigeration circuit and compressor.

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EC To Offer

New Ship Registry

In an effort to halt the decline of its shipping fleet, the European

Commission announced a proposal for an EC shipping register.

The new flag, to be called Euros, will offer cabotage rights and other advantages to European Communi- ty-based shipowners. The Euros flag will exist alongside established EC national flags.

According to Karel van Miert,

EC transport commissioner, Euros- flagged ships would have certain operating cost advantages which would make them more competitive in the world market.

NKK Receives $132-Million Order

For Two LPG Ships

Japanese shipbuilder NKK re- cently received a $132-million order from Bergesen dy of Norway. Both of the 78,000-m3-capacity ships are scheduled to be delivered in 1991.



Wyle delivers a full fleet of services*

Wyle delivers the unique environ- mental testing the Navy demands.

We provide 167 vibration and 901 shock testing, steam testing (NAVSEA QSL), natural environ- ments, acoustic services (includ- ing underwater measurements), test tailoring, and dynamic analysis.

We have 40 years of independent test experience and test facilities throughout the United States. We can provide a naval test program that is reliable, on time, and within budget.

For more information on Wyle's full range of test services, call Pro- gram Development in Huntsville, AL at (205) 837-4411, Norco, CA at (714) 737-0871 or Hampton, VA at (804) 865-0000.

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