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Equipment List

Main engines (2) Deutz MWM

Reduction gears ZF

Waterjets KaMeWa

Propulsion & steering controls KaMeWa

Fuel filters Racor

Generators Northern Lights

Generator engines Deere

Pumps Paco

Monitoring system Pyrotronics

Coatings Hempel Paint

Wiring & light fixtures . . Hardware Specialties

Seating Marine Interiors

Radar Furuno

UHF Motorola

Loud hailer Raytheon

VHF radiotelephone SEA

SSB radiotelephone

Speed & distance log .... Datamarine

Autopilot Robertson

Loran C NorthStar

Phone system Aiphone in each hull is also fitted with

Northern Lights generating plants, consisting of John Deere engines and 55-kw generators, from Alaska

Diesel Electric of Seattle.

Layout on the main deck includes a snack bar and refreshment center; a food preparation space; perimeter dinettes; and airline-type seating.

Open air seating is available on the top deck and on the fantail of the second deck. The cabin of the sec- ond deck also contains airline-type seating. Seating was supplied by

Marine Interiors of Langley, Wash.

At 35 knots, said Matt Nichols, excluding hydrofoils, "we believe that the wave piercer provides the fastest high-speed marine passenger transportation in the country, and does it with outstanding rough water comfort."

The christening ceremony for the

Nantucket Spray also marked the 25th anniversary of the Nichols

Bros. Boat Builders' yard on Whid- bey Island.

For free literature detailing the boatbuilding services of Nichols


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Electromatic's New Gauge

Measures Wall Thickness,

Corrosion From One Side

The new pocket-size, battery- powered Check-Line® Model TI-10

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from Electromatic Equipment Co.,

Inc., Cedarhurst, N.Y., measures wall thickness and extent of corro- sion and erosion of metal plates, bulkheads, ships hulls, storage tanks, pressure vessels, boilers and pipe—from one side. The TI-10 measures steel wall thicknesses from 0.060 inches to 3.000 inches and 1.5 to 80.0 mm, switch selecta- ble, with a measuring accuracy of 0.5 percent. Special-purpose models for small bore pipe, cast iron and high-temperature applications are also available.

For further information and free literature,

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Literature Offered

By G.A. International

On Marine Electronics

G.A. International Electronics

Corporation, Staten Island, N.Y., is offering free literature on a new

Magnavox GPS products, as well as

Simrad/Anritsu color and mono- chrome radar.

The Magnavox MX-5400R is de- signed to be added to the proven

MX-4102 and MX-5102 Transit

Satellite Navigation receivers, pro- viding a cost-effective method to add GPS navigation to vessels cur- rently fitted with these transit navi- gators.

Simrad reports price reductions on its recently introduced RA-710 color and RA-720 monochrome ra- dar product lines.

G.A. International Electronics

Corporation is a full service sales and repair organization repre- senting some of the most prominent marine electronics manufacturers in the industry.

For free literature detailing any of the products represented by G.A.


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N, *»»&

Something is living in your fuel system.

Many types of bacteria and fungi thrive on fuel.

Whether you operate diesels or turbines, these hungry microorganisms can fill your tanks with slime that clogs filters, plugs lines and corrodes metal surfaces.

BIOBOR' JF fuel fungicide helps you fight back.

Registered with the Environmental Protection

Agency, it's safe and effective when used as directed. BIOBOR JF measures up to military speci- fications, and it's been helping the U.S. military battle slime for more than 15 years. General Motors,

Detroit Diesel Allison and General Electric all approve its use in their engines. So do Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas. In fact, more than half the world's commercial airlines rely on it.

Before you employ a fungicidal agent, check its credentials. Get full det ails on EPA-registered

BIOBOR JF from your distributor, or write to

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