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sel engines, equipped for operation with heavy fuel oil having a viscosity of 380 cSt at 50 degrees C, are designed to permit operation in two speed ranges—engine at 500 rpm, propeller at 115 rpm, and engine at 428 rpm, propeller at 95 rpm. The power plant and the propulsion sys- tem are operated from a centralized control system located in the ma- chinery control room and the con- sole carries a complete mimic dis- play of the main propulsion system and auxiliary engines arrangement.

There are both automatic and man- ual modes of operation.

The Smallwood is capable of operating at speeds from 15 knots to 23 knots. A speed of about 23 knots will be attainable on occasion using

Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR) of the propulsion machin- ery. The normal operating speeds will be at 22, 18 and 15 knots. The 22-knot speed will be attained at approximately 85 percent MCR at a design draft of 21 feet (6.4 meters).

An operational draft of 21.6 feet (6.6 meters), it is predicted that 90 per- cent MCR will be necessary to at- tain a speed of 22 knots. Operation in ice will be up to 85 percent


She has two full decks with a total capacity of about 85 tractor trailers in the North Sydney/Argentia ser- vice, with an internal ramp in use and 91 tractor trailers with internal ramp not in use in the North Syd- ney/Port aux Basques service.

All vehicle decks operate on a roll-through concept with both bow and stern door bilevel loading and off-loading when operating between

North Sydney and Port aux

Basques. An internal, hinged vehicle ramp is arranged to permit vehicle access to No. 3 Deck operating at the one level facility at Argentia.

While the Smallwood will out- wardly resemble the 587-foot (179- meter) Caribou, she will have a somewhat different interior layout and improved passenger amenities for the longer Argentia route.

Some of the Smallwood's features will include plexiglass canopies and windscreens on two exterior decks, enabling enhanced outdoor activity while on board. The daynighter lounge areas have been divided into eight separate areas, providing a more quiet atmosphere, and better designation of nonsmoking and smoking areas.

Excellent quality day-nighter seats will be installed in the lounges, featuring a much greater recline and a full leg and foot rest.

JOSEPH & CLARA Escape slides Viking

SMALLWOOD Life rafts Viking

Equipment List Shaft generators . . . . .... Siemens

A/C Norris Warming Canada

Purifying equipment . . . . . . .Alfa Laval

Main engines(4) . . Krupp MaK Elevators

Propellers(2) . . . KaMeWa & escalators . . Westinghouse Canada

Thrusters(4) .... KaMeWa Fire detection system . . .... Mirtone

Generator engines(3) Krupp MaK Halon, sprinkler &

Generators .... Siemens deluge systems . . . . . . . Securiplex

Reduction Emergency generator . . . . . Caterpillar gears(2) Lohmann & Stolterfoht W.T. radio station:

Engine controls . . ABB Main receiver

Monitoring & alarms ABB & transmitter . . . . .... Marconi

Steering controls Wagner Reserve receiver

Stabilizers . . . Sperry Marine & transmitter .... Marconi

VHF radio . . ICOM of America Watchkeeping receiver .... Marconi

SSB radio Raytheon Automatic radio

Radar . . . Sperry Marine direction finder . . . . .... Marconi

Compass . . . . Sperry Marine Echo sounder Simrad

Loran JRC Manual emergency

Autopilot Wagner radio beacon Jotron

Pumps Ham worthy/Peacock Tank gauging system . . ABB

RO/RO system W.T. sliding doors . . . . . Stone Vickers & equipment . . . . MacGregor Marine Boilers Senior Green/Ampower

Rescue boats Sewage treatment . . . . . . Envirovac & davits Harding Shepherding Galley equipment . . . . . . . L.T. Julien


The Rijeka, Yugoslavia, shipyard of 3.Maj delivered the 60,600-dead- weight tonnage ore/bulk/oil (OBO) carrier Mara Lolli-Ghetti to Ecoban

Steamship Co. earlier this year.

The 736-foot 10-inch OBO, classed by the American Bureau of

Shipping (ABS)'l E Bulk Carrier or

Oil Carrier "strengthened for heavy cargoes, Holds No. 2, 4 and 6 may be empty,'"MS,'CCU, COW, IGS, has a length between perpendiculars of 708 feet 6 inches, molded breadth of 105 feet 7 inches, molded depth of 63 feet 6 inches, and scantling draft of 41 feet 4 inches. The 39,836-gt (continued)

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