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ETA-Pilot Fuel Saving System

Now Marketed Worldwide By SSPA

SSPA Systems, responsible for the development and marketing of the Roll-Nix Control System for roll reduction using rudder control, has now also taken over the marketing of the ETA-Pilot fuel saving system, an original product wholly devel- oped and manufactured in Sweden and now available from SSPA repre- sentatives around the world.

The ETA-Pilot has been in opera- tion since 1982. There are now over 65 of these systems in use around the globe.

By efficiently controlling the ship's speed, engine rpm, pitch set- ting and fuel consumption, the

ETA-Pilot—a microprocessor- based control and monitoring sys- tem—is capable of maintaining a given speed or consumption throughout the voyage. Savings of 5-15 percent on normal consump- tion have been recorded under real operating conditions. The ETA-

Pilot is not only a conventional mea- suring and displaying system, it is also a real-time microcomputer- based measuring and control system that continuously monitors and con- trols the engine speed and pitch set- ting in order to minimize fuel con- sumption.

ETA-Pilot features include: maintenance of a preset speed re- lated to distance and time of arrival; automatic regulation of propeller pitch and engine speed for mini- mum fuel consumption at all speeds and under widely varying operating conditions; presetting of a maxi- mum fuel consumption, i.e., a spe-

Manoeuvring EPC 2 handle j nop) ETA-PILOT


Speed log EPC 1 ETA-PILOT

RPM transmitter

Fuel meter

Functional description of the ETA-Pilot. cific quantity per nautical mile; voyage preplanning system using preset speed and control programs; a proven track record—documented reductions in fuel consumption un- der real operating conditions; the

ETA-Pilot can be fitted to all types of ships, not only to ships with CP- propellers; and a special package for statistical analysis of several per- formance variables is available as an optional function.

For further information and free literature on the ETA-Pilot fuel saving system,

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FAST SYSTEMS, INC. 324D North Broadway

St. Louis, MO 631

Telephone: C31 621 -2536

FAX: C31 4] 621 -1 352

Telex: 44-7224

Alan Fleischer, President

Al Spaete, Mgr., Sales Si Service


FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) remains the standard for marine sewage treatment. The system meets and exceeds the most stringent requirements worldwide. It is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, Environ- ment Canada and the British Department of Trade.


In the same tradition, FAST's Oil/Water Separator sets a new standard for disposal of oily wastewater. It is the only certified separator which will break chemical emulsions.

The Separator converts gray emulsions into clear water and black oil. The water will meet the most stringent requirements established by any known marine or land authority worldwide. The oil will support combustion.

With this unit aboard, machinery, decks and bilges can be cleaned with detergents with no danger of violating regulations.


We also offer you a comprehensive inventory of spare parts for quick delivery worldwide, plus expert field service personnel on constant call for on-the-spot assistance anywhere.

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A Vuv\ \ v' •mvV', u \ \\\\\V

I' \YT ¥

Meet Your Maker ..Buy Direct!

Non-Ferrous Bolt & Mfg. Co. has made quality a number one priority and has acceler- ated its programs to encompass some of the most stringent standards in quality assurance. With our MIL-l-45208 certification, mercury free certification, our domestic raw material sources and our LEVEL l/SUBSAFE approval, we feel that our product carries an additional "seal of approval". We will continue to strive for new and better ways to achieve high quality, good service and reliability our customers depend on.

Non-Ferrous Bolt & Mfg. Co. specializes in producing standard and non-standard fasteners in high temperature and corrosion resistant metals. With 20 years of expe- rience in the fastener industry, we have become one of the nation's foremost producers of domestically manufactured fastener "specials". We are capable of producing hex heads, nuts, sockets, slots, carriage bolts, T-head bolts, square heads, penta heads, special studs and many more styles from over 100 grades of stainless steel and exotic metals. nonmerrous mmm^^^^^^ bout a mfg. co.



TOLL FREE 1 (800) 742-0044 • FAX NO. (702) 362-9446 • PHONE (702) 368-2707 4085-M NEVS0 DRIVE, SUITE C • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 16

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