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Furuno Introduces New FR/FAR-2800

Big Ship Radar/ARPA Line

Furuno, makers of some of the world's finest marine radars, recent- ly announced a new heavy duty, commercial line of rasterscan ra- dars/ARPAs designed to fully meet

IMO regulations for installation aboard all classes of vessels. Ten dif- ferent models are available with a large variety of performance fea- tures and options that make them ideal for any commercial vessels and the largest yachts.

All units have a 28-inch-high re- solution green phosphor CRT with 15-level quantization, six pulse- lengths and repetition rates, Furu- no's MCI low noise receiver, plus echo stretch, echo averaging and radar interference rejector to pro- vide an unsurpassed radar picture in any weather conditions. Other standard features include dual

EBLs and VRMs, alarmed guard zone, echo trail, electronic parallel index lines, off-centering, electronic plotting of up to 10 targets with 10 different symbols, choice of 25- or 50-kw X-band, or 30- or 60-kw S- band outputs, T/R up or down, and choice of a variety of antenna lengths.

The FAR-2800 ARPAs acquire up to 20 targets automatically, plus up to 20 additional targets manually, or all 40 targets manually. Movement of tracked targets can be shown by true or relative vectors and plots.

On-screen digital readouts show range, bearing, course, speed, CPA and TCPA, BCR (bow crossing range) and BCT of up to three tar- get ships, as well as own ship course and speed. Additionally, the system displays user selectable traffic lane, buoys, danger points and other im- portant references. A trial maneuver feature simulates the effect of own ship maneuver on all tracked targets without interrupting target infor- mation.

Furuno's FR/FAR 2800 Series has built-in interfacing for gyro, speed log and interswitch (optional) for dual radar/ARPA installation.

For complete information on the new Furuno 2800 Series radars and


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Furuno' new 2800 Series radars and ARPAs are available in 10 different models with a large variety of performance features.

Daniel Martin Joins

Ingram Barge Company

Daniel T. Martin recently joined Ingram Barge Company,

Nashville, Tenn., as vice president of dry cargo sales, according to Les

Sutton,, Ingram president.

Before joining Ingram, Mr. Mar- tin had been associated with Na- tional Marine, previously Dravo

Mechling Corporation, since 1979 where he held various sales manage- ment positions. His most recent po- sition was senior vice president of marketing and sales.


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Port Arthur


When your ship or drill rig needs maintenance or repair, there's one facility designed to meet all your needs —

Sabine Yard in Port

Arthur, Texas.

Conveniently located only eight miles upstream from the Sabine Pass

Anchorage on the Gulf

Coast, Sabine Yard has the unique capability to handle both large ships and mobile offshore drill rigs, and there is easy access as no bridges obstruct the channel.




Sabine Pass


SABINE YARD • Ship docking area of 122' x 829' • Lifting capacity of 64,000 tons • Water depth of 30' over the blocks • Drill rig docking area of 363' x 414' • T-pier wet dock adjacent to the drydock

So when you need convenient and reliable service, contact Robert E.

Lowrey, Bethlehem Steel

Corporation, Sabine Yard, P.O. Box 1448, Port Arthur, TX 77641; (409) 985-0571; FAX: 409-985-0555.


When Duty Calls

Call or Write tor a Distributor in Your Area. 1260 E, Woodland Avenue, Springfield, PA 19064 (215) 543-4810 • FAX (215) 328-5907

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Ingalls Shipbuilding Company called on us to wrap the

U.S. Navy's mock engine room modules for transporta- tion. Traveling over 3,000 miles on a cargo ship from Mis- sissippi to a naval facility in Great Lakes, Michigan, the modules arrived in perfect condition. We developed this process for storage and shipping of boats, aircrafts and heavy machinery.

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