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Robertson Marine Named

Agents For Jason

Firefighting Equipment

Bennex A.S., Norway, has ap- pointed Robertson Marine Systems,

Inc. (RMS) U.S. and Canadian agents for Jason firefighting equip- ment and oil pollution control.

Jason brand of high quality fire- fighting equipment is applicable to marine and industrial applications.

All Jason hardware is designed for reliable operation under all condi- tions with a minimum of corrosion.

Unlike most firefighting equip- ment which requires frequent ser- vicing, Jason equipment is manu- factured of high quality materials, and features enclosed and sealed- for-life bearing arrangements. Ja- son's back-up control functions, through testing and advanced QA program insures long and reliable service without maintenance.

Jason produces manual and re- mote control monitors, water only and water/foam monitors, monitor towers and oil dispersant spray booms.

For more information and free lit- erature on Jason firefighting equip- ment,

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We put all the parts together.

In keeping your ship ship-shape, are you having trouble buying or selling parts? Set a course for ILS, the worldwide locator system that services 1,600 customers, 45,000 times a day.

It's fast and easy. ILS. We're part of the solution.

Inventory Locator Service, Inc. 3965 Mendenhall Road

Memphis,TN 38115 U.S.A. (901) 794-4784 (800) 233-3414

FAX (901 >794-1760

Telex 882179 (WU)

Intralink Service (Europe) Ltd

United Kingdom 0293-562011

FAX 0293-562066

CEL Inc.

Canada 416/490-0753

FAX 416/494-1606


Epoxy? Cements?

Aggegates? Fibers?



The Carrousel Pump was designed for the application of commercial coatings.

World wide acceptance is due to its ease of operation and low/no maintenance. • Easy cleanup. • No moving parts contact material. • Trouble-free service. • Sealed bearings. . Inc.

P0 BOX 327B • PORT CLINTON. OH 43452 (419) 732-2601 or 732-2611

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From the same yard that made downtime a dirty word, comes: "Reliability, Part Two!"

A second generation of family management at Galveston Ship- building Is committed to the same high standards estab- lished by Harry J. Flegel, Jr.

John, Bryan, and Keith Flegel share management respon- sibilities with their father- personally assuring that your vessel Is serviced or repaired right, and on time.

Call Galveston Shipbuilding; ask for a Flegel and get straight answers without delay. (409) 704-0491


Rumsey Joins Pen Coal

As VP Of Transportation

Peter E. Rumsey

Peter E. Rumsey, formerly vice president of sales for Ingram Barge

Company in Nashville, Tenn., re- cently joined Nashville-based Pen

Coal Corporation as vice president of Pen Transportation Company.

Mr. Rumsey has 23 years' experi- ence in the field of transportation, having been previously employed by

Amoco Oil, Gulf & Western and as a management consultant.

Pen Coal Corporation, which changed its name from P&C "Bitu- minous Coal," Inc. earlier this year, is one of the largest U.S. steam coal exporters from the U.S. Pen Coal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pen

Holdings, Inc.

James Morris, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Pen Coal, said: "We are pleased to have Mr. Rumsey join our com- pany. His knowledge of terminal op- erations and his extensive knowl- edge of rail, truck and barge trans- portation, especially within the coal market, will greatly contribute to our planned growth."

Biobor JF Helps Solve

Microbial Fuel Problems —Literature Available

Microbial growth in fuel flour- ishes in the warmer months of the year, which can cause a variety of equipment problems, such as injec- tor deposits; fuel filter plugging; ig- nition trouble; smoke; and leaking storage tanks due to microbial by- products causing rust and corrosion.

It can be identified as slimy, unfilt- erable blobs (brown, black or gree- nish in color) which characteristical- ly can emit a foul odor.

According to its manufacturer,

U.S. Borax, Biobor JF™ is one of the safest and most effective solutions to microbial fuel problems and among the safest biocidal/fungicidal chemicals available. In use for over 20 years, Biobor JF is biodegradable and nonhazardous to waterways and the environment.

Registered by the EPA, approved by the FAA and commercially ap- proved by many equipment and en- gine manufacturers, Biobor JF is distributed by Amalgamated Coal and Petroleum to major airlines, utilities, the U.S. military, the ma- rine transportation sector, and many other industries.

For more information detailing

Biobor JF,

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