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ARCO Alaska, Inc., is loaded onto a Crowley

Navigation barge positioned on Drydock 4 at

Portland Ship Repair Yard (PSRY) for ship- ment to Alaska's Prudhoe Bay. One of eight modules fabricated at PSRY for ARCO by

Wright Schuchart Harbor Co., the two largest are 3,200-ton turbine compressor modules. The 11-month, $40-million project generated peak employment for 1,600 workers.

For free literature on the facilities and capa- bilities of Portland Ship Repair Yard,

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Schottel Pump-Jet Displays

Outstanding Maneuverability

During Recent Demonstrations

Schottel M-Boat 3 during recent practical demonstration in France.

The West German firm of Schottel has held a number of presentations in Italy, France and

England, at which the company demonstrated to numerous shipping experts the advantages offered by the Schottel Pump-Jet under practi- cal conditions. The outstanding maneuverabili- ty and excellent performance in shallow waters were displayed with an M-Boat 3 developed and built by Schottel.

The company presently offers standard

Pump-Jet units in the power range from 20 to 650 kw as propulsion systems and maneuvering aids.

The extensive experience of Schottel enables one of the world's leading manufacturers of 360- degree controllable propulsion units and maneu- vering aids not only to offer technically per- fected products, but also to develop complete system solutions. The presence of subsidiary companies and authorized representatives at all major shipping centers in the world ensures a close dialogue with the customer and prompt performance of service work.

For information on Schottel's entire range of products and services, for example on the possi- ble applications of Schottel Rudderpropellers (power range 15-5,000 kw), transverse thrusters, and steering and control systems (Copilot 2000 and Schottel Masterpilot),

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September, 1990

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Some Things Never Seem to Change Much.

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