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Island-class USCG patrol boat being launched at Bollinger Shipyard in Lockport, La.

Bisso Completes Four-Year

Bollinger Contract; Successfully

Lifts USS Aquila PHM-4

Bisso Marine Company, Inc., New

Orleans, La., recently completed a four-year contract with Bollinger

Machine Shop and Shipyard,

Lockport, La., and also successfully completed the task of lifting the USS

Aquila PHM-4 to a high cradle posi- tion on the bank at the Jacksonville

Shipyard in Florida.

The four-year contract with

Bollinger was completed by Bisso successfully launching forty-nine 110-foot Island-class USCG patrol boats using the derrick barge Ajax.

The vessels are being used by the

Coast Guard for rescue and in the

Coast Guard's drug interdiction pro- gram.

Bisso Marine Company received another two-year contract from

Bollinger to launch thirteen 170- foot U.S. Navy patrol boats now under construction. The launches will be done by Bisso's 700-ton der- rick barge Bisso at the Lockport facility.

The USS Aquila PHM-4 was suc- cessfully lifted by Bisso Marine from the St. Johns River to a high cradle position on the bank at the Jackson- ville Shipyard in Jacksonville, Fla.

The intricate task of lifting the vessel was accomplished by the 700- ton derrick barge Cappy Bisso.

Versabar Inc. of Harvey, La., sup- plied, tested and certified all of the lifting gear in order to meet the criteria of the U.S. Navy.

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List of Equipment 1991





D/B AJAX 200' x 70' x 14', 700 S.T. (S.W.L.) 195' x 72' x 12'6", 600 S.T. (S.W.L.) 165' x 70' x 14', 350 S.T. (S.W.L.) 121'x 65 x11', 250 S.T. (S.W.L.)


M/V RIP TIDE (Salvage Vessel) 120' x 32', 1,000 H.P.

M/V DARLENE BISSO 110' x 27', 1,800 H.P.

MA BEAU BISSO 80' x 23', 1,000 H.P.

M/V TYLER 60' x 22', 800 H.P.


Crane Barge BIG EAGLE 155' x 50' x 14', 85-ton Wiley whirley crane, 130' boom

Spud Barge CAPT. LUKE 130' x 50' x 9', 60-ton Manitowoc crane, office and 4-man quarters, 2-drum winch, anchors, 6-inch pumps, 4-inch pumps, 3-inch pumps, 2-inch pumps, air compressor 600 CFM, air lifts, welding machines.

Pump Barge 60' x 30' x 7', 12-inch pump, 20-ton link belt crane

Deck Barge BIG CHIEF 220' x 74' x 15'

Rigging Slings 4"diameter to l-l/2"diameter, shackles 300 tons to 1/2 ton, spreader bars

Delta Marine

To Drydock Cutter

Delta Marine, Inc., Wilmington,

N.C., has been awarded $345,107 to drydock USCG cutter Rambler (WLIC-298).

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Telex 16Q587MARCO UT

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