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Kirby Corp. Signs

Agreement To Buy

Sabine Towing

Houston barge company Kirby

Corp. recently announced that it signed an agreement to purchase the assets of Sabine Towing & Trans- portation Co. from Sequa Corp., New

York-based parent of Sabine, for $37.25 million.

Kirby plans to pay for the pur- chase with a combination of cash on hand and new financing within

Sabine Transportation Co., a Kirby unit that will own Sabine's assets.

Based in Port Arthur, Texas,

Sabine is engaged in coastal and inland marine transportation of pe- troleum products and harbor tug services.

For the nine months ended Sep- tember 30, it had revenue of $50.5 million and $66.8 million for all of 1990. Kirby's revenue was $140 million for the nine months ended

September 30 and $175.8 million for all of 1990.

Approximately 65 percent of

Sabine's revenues are derived from coastal tanker operations, 25 per- cent from inland tank barge opera- tions, and 10 percent from harbor tug services.

Sabine operates 38 tank barges, 24 harbor tugs and push boats and six coastal tankers.

The acquisition should produce a favorable impact on Kirby's earn- ings, the company said.

McDermott Awarded Exxon

Contract For Harmony

And Heritage Installation

McDermott Marine Construction has received a contract from Exxon

Company for the transportation and installation of topsides for the Har- mony and Heritage platforms off the coast of California. Each plat- form will be fitted with two support frames, 10 modules, and a flare boom.

The topsides will be transported from Corpus Christi, Texas, to off- shore Santa Barbara, Calif., on eight material barges.

McDermott's Derrick Barge 51 will install the facilities in Blocks

P0190 in 1,200-foot water depths and P0182 in 1,075-foot water depths. The entire project will re- quire 26 major lifts which range in size from 150 tons to 1,400 tons.

The facilities will be installed in an environmentally sensitive area off the coast of Santa Barbara. Spe- cial equipment and procedures will be utilized by the Exxon/McDermott project team to meet stringent envi- ronmental restrictions established by federal, state and local govern- ments.

McDermott Marine Construction is a major operating unit of

McDermott International, a leading worldwide energy services company.

United Ropeworks Offers

Free Color Brochure On

Trevira Polyester Rope

United Ropeworks (U.S.A.), Inc.,

Montgomeryville, Pa., is offering a free color four-page brochure on its

Phillystran Polyester ropes.

United Ropeworks (U.S.A.), Inc., offers ropes manufactured from large filament, high performance Trevira polyester fiber.

As described by the company's brochure, carefully selected special yarn finishes combined with top grade polyester fiber and built in a unique seven-strand wirelay con- struction result in a polyester rope with superior properties when com- pared to conventional polyester ropes.

According to the company, these ropes have proven to exceed the fa- tigue life of wire rope, while demon- strating to be more durable than nylon or aramid fiber products.

High tenacity Trevira polyester from Hoescht Celanese provides ex- cellent dimensional stability in the manufacture of ropes for marine, military and industrial applications.

Trevira polyester ropes are intended for applications where moderate elasticity may be useful, but supe- rior strength and durability are es- sential.

For a free copy of the brochure from United Ropeworks,

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The Kahlenberg TRITON Piston Horn is a unique sound producing unit because it requires no compressed air and no diaphragms yet utilizes air vibrations in a tuned sound column. The unit consists of an electric motor driving a pis- ton with a cylinder similar in appearance to an air compres- sor. Very economical to operate and install. Write for bulle- tin. 92C. The KB-20 electric horn is available in 110 volt,

A C. or 24 volt. D.C. for vessels up to 246' in length.

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Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 54S41 U.S.A.



JEAMAR WINCHES INC. 1051 Clinton St., Buffalo, N.Y. 14206

TEL (716) 854-3211 FAX (416) 889-3795

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Navigation Receivers

Selected by the United States Navy and the Royal Navy Megapulse, Inc. 8 Preston Court Bedford. Mass. 01730-2380 USA (617)275-2010 Telex 92-3358 MEG-BDFD FAX (617) 275-4149 12 Circle 278 on Reader Service Card

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