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SCLR Adds Two More

Dockside Availabilities

At Port Canaveral Facilities

The Service Company of Louis

Rogers, Inc. (SCLR), a specialist in marine repair and maintenance ser- vices located in Port Canaveral, Fla., has continued to maintain its workload with the addition of two more dockside availabilities.

The first was the USCGC Vigi- lant (WMEC-617) with a base value of $95,598 with optional items of $27,817.

The second was for the research ship USNS Bartlett (T-AGOR-13) with a base value of $169,678, with options valued at $39,150.

Work on the Vigilant centered around the fabrication and installa- tion of a talon grid on the helicopter deck and the installation of safety nets around the helo deck hydraulic piping installation, lifeboat davit overhaul, repair of valves, and clean- ing, inspection and repair of genera- tor and main engine heat exchang- ers. Various other structural and mechanical repairs and modifica- tions were also included.

The Bartlett package included overhaul of an SSDG engine, clean- ing and painting of engineering spaces, various electrical work, con- ducting several annual inspections, and other miscellaneous structural repairs including deck strengthen- ing.

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Free Brochure Details

Range Of Galley Services

Offered By Atlas Marine

Atlas Marine Services of Miami,

Fla., which was founded in 1982 to service the cruise line industry, has published a comprehensive brochure describing the company's shipboard galley equipment, as well as design, installation and repair services.

Atlas, which says no project is too large or too small, can manufacture all the custom equipment for a new cruise vessel or refit of an existing shipboard galley..

The literature details the services offered to the cruise industry by

Atlas Marine in planning, design, equipment supply, fabrication, in- stallation and repair of galleys, pan- tries, stores, bars, etc.

Custom galley equipment from

Atlas, designed specifically for ship- board use in accordance with U.S.

Public Health specifications, is fab- ricated of all stainless steel in a craftsman-like manner, assuring quality in the finished products.

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New Corporate Brochure

Offered Free From MECO

Mechanical Equipment Company of New Orleans, La., offers a com- plete line of packaged seawater de- salination products for the marine, land-based and offshore industry.

MECO has been involved in the de- sign and manufacture of distillation equipment for 50 years and this ex- perience has developed a proven desalination design which offers maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.

MECO is currently supplying the distilling plants for the DDG-51 class

Aegis Guided Missile Destroyer and has supplied similar desalinators and reverse osmosis equipment for cruise ships and other applications.

A new corporate brochure is avail- able which describes the products produced and the markets served.

MECO serves the industry through its head office in New Orleans, along with sales, parts and service offices in Aberdeen Scotland, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

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The TransPak II

GPS. Complete GPS receiver and antenna in a rugged portable package no bigger than a pair of binoc- ulars. Now with


Galaxy Inmarsat-

C/GPS. A complete

Inmarsat-C trans- ceiver with an integral

GPS sensor. Gives you worldwide text messaging with pre- cise positioning.

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The Leader in GPS Technology

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American President Lines, one of the largest shipping lines in the world, outfitted their latest container ships with Trimble

GPS. These systems can store preprogrammed lists of way- points for their frequently travelled routes. With GPS accuracy, they hold truer courses, stay on tighter sched- ules, and save tons of fuel.

Inslde/Outslde with GPS.

Crowley Maritime is stan- dardizing on Trimble GPS.

Inside tugs working Puget

Sound rely on Trimble accuracy to thread their way through rocky passages.

Outside boats, working along the Alaskan coast and throughout the world, use

GPS to stay on schedule, even in the worst weather.

Ultimate Accuracy. For ultra-precise navigation, a technique called "Differential

GPS" can give you 2-5 meter accuracy. Soon coastlines will be dotted with radio beacons like the one at Montauk N. Y., broadcasting corrections to

GPS receivers in the area.

Only Trimble products come standard with the ability to accept these corrections.

Small box, big reputation.

The Navy used the military version of our portable

TransPak II to locate mines in the Persian

Gulf. According to one Navy commander, it "allowed a success at mine hunting never previously experienced." Closer to home, you can use it in a tender or as a back-up unit.

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