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Wooster Offers Complete

Literature Package On

Non-Slip Safety Products

Wooster Products Inc., Wooster,

Ohio, manufacturer of anti—slip safety products for ships' ladders, decks, ramps, showers, galleys, gangways, passageways, etc., is of- fering a complete package of litera- ture on all of the non-slip safety products marketed by the company for marine use.

Included in the literature pack- age is a 20-page, full-color brochure on anti-slip safety stair and walk- way products, as well as informa- tion on "Flex-Tred," the instant, self- adhesive, anti-slip safety surface; "Safe-Stride" safe traction anti-slip paint for commercial and industrial use; "Epoxy WP 70" safety resurfacer for floors, decks and ramps; and "Stairmaster" safety renovation treads for quick repair of danger- ous, slippery stairs.

In addition to standard black,

Stairmaster safety renovation treads are available in colors at no extra charge, and a chart of tread colors is provided in the literature package.

Also included is information on

NAVSEA ships ladder safety treads which Wooster Products is now cer- tified to quote on. These new cost- saving, slip-resistant, noncombus- tible safety treads are designed and approved for use on all ladders aboard U.S. Navy ships as well as on commercial and passenger vessels.

For further information and free copies of the literature package from

Wooster Products,

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Doug Dixon Appointed

Ship Surveyor/

Naval Architect

Det norske Veritas Classification (DnVC), Seattle, Wash., has an- nounced the appointment of Doug

Dixon as ship survey or/naval ar- chitect to assist the present staff and expand DnVC's services.

Mr. Dixon is familiar with the

West Coast fishing industry and has been working with the local fleet for the past 15 years.

With the new Commercial Fish- ing Vessel Safety Act of 1988 in force, and DnVC's recent appoint- ment by the USCG to carry out sur- veys on their behalf, DnVC will in- crease their services toward the U.S. fishing fleet, offering load line and valuation surveys in addition to stan- dard classification services.

Bender Inc. Introduces

New Ground Fault

Detection Technology

Bender Inc. has 50 years of expe- rience dealing with electrical safety 54

The NavTrac XL

GPS. Innovative 3-D diagram makes stay- ing on course as easy as driving down a road. Now with a new slim-line design and high contrast display.

If you want to make a profit in the shipping business, you can't afford inefficiency. You can't waste fuel and you can't waste time. That's why the Global

Positioning System is such an important tech- nological advance. In the right hands, its precision and its worldwide availability will put you well ahead of your competition. • One company has consistently pioneered the promise of

GPS—Trimble Navigation. That's why you'll find Trimble GPS on virtually everything that floats, from the most modern container ships to state-of-the-art America's Cup boats. • Which isn't surprising when you consider that no one offers the range of products or the depth of features that

Trimble does. • So give us a call, and we'll show why the people who use Trimble products think of them not as navigation systems but as business machines.

Initant alerts. With Trimble's

Galaxy ™ system you get the worldwide text messaging powers of Inmarsat-C and

GPS in one compact system.

Automatic distress alerts complete with position, and precisefleet tracking are just two of its benefits.

Coune/Spe«d 120129AM

COG 156-MC SOG 006.5KN

CTV 153-MG XTE 00.2NM L -4. -«r. t \

Of. Hi ' v>V 'J , »V . J \

Measure performance.

GPS can measure your speed over the ground to a tenth of a knot, so you can precisely figure the set and drift of even subtle currents. That helps you stay on course and helps you find optimum engine and rudder settings.

The NavGraphic XL

GPS. A new way to look at navigation.

See your boat move on an image of a real

NOAA chart. Now with a new slim-line design and high- contrast display.

TheAcutis6GPS.A six-channel GPS receiver integrated into its antenna module. Brings GPS to any nav instru- ment that accepts


Circle 280 on Reader Service Card and products that addressThe Man- agement of Line-to-Ground Faults" in grounded, ungrounded and high- resistance grounded power distri- bution systems.

Process continuity in ungrounded systems can be assured by monitor- ing the system and its loads at line- to-ground resistance sensitivities in excess of 150 megohms. Auto-tun- ingof system capacitance makes field setup easy and provides optimum response to a fault. Setting the set- point remotely is now possible via

RS-232/485 serial communication.

Locating the first fault in an ungrounded system is now easy and provides added operational flexibil- ity. The 19-inch rack-mounted sys- tem not only identifies the faulty circuit but also displays the line-to- ground insulation resistance for that circuit.

Solidly-grounded systems have not been neglected. Super-sensitive ground fault relays can detect leak- age currents as low as 10mA in fixed installations.

The monitoring of off-line equip- ment such as motors and generators can now be successfully integrated into an overall ground fault detec- tion strategy. Sensitivity at the multi-megohm level provides an early indication of a developing fault.

Costly damage to equipment can be prevented and a feeling of confi- dence can be gained by being in control of the operation.

For more information,

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