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Schichau Seebeckwerft

Launches First Of Two

Great White Fleet Reefers

Schichau Seebeckwerft AG re- cently launched the first of two reefer ships it is currently building for

Great White Fleet (United Brands/

Chiquita) at its yard in

Bremerhaven. The ships are the first of this type being built at the yard of which four have already been built and delivered by Bremer

Vulkan AG.

The vessel is 513.6 feet long, 75.5 feet wide and has a draft of about 23 feet when fully loaded. The ship has a 6,300-dwt capacity. Container ca- pacity on deck is 46,43-foot units, or 48, 40-foot units, and cargo hold capacity is 91, 40-foot units.

Power for propulsion is provided by one Bremer Vulkan MAN B&W 7L60MC diesel engine with a maxi- mum continuous output of 16,520 bhp. Design speed, when fully loaded, is about 21.35 knots.

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Del Norte Introduces

Model 2006 GPS Receiver

Del Norte Technology Inc., Euless,

Texas, has introduced the Model 2006 GPS system, one of the latest additions to its GPS product line.

The 2006 is a 6-channel LI C/A code GPS receiver which comes with a built-in PC and rugged splash- proof case. The system allows for flexible data logging and processing capabilities for almost any applica- tion. The system was designed pri- marily as a differential GPS mobile station.

Included with the system is a built-in LCD display, support for external monitors, six user- configurable RS 232 serial ports for flexible communications, internal logging memory and a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive.

Also included is a software pack- age for navigation and guidance, helmsman graphics, and user-select- able interfaces for a wide range of depth sounders.

Del Norte has been in business for over 23 years and its products are marketed worldwide through 12 service centers.

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M/V Sam Houston Work

Completed At John

Bludworth Marine

The M/V Sam Houston recently underwent its quadrennial dry dock inspection and repairs at John

Bludworth Marine. The inspection and tour vessel belongs to the Port of

Houston Authority.

The Sam Houston, which was taken out of service in January, was hauled out, scrubbed and coated.

The vessel also underwent other maintenance and inspection proce- dures, including having the bottom of the vessel audio-gauged.

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Cruiser Christened

At Ingalls Shipbuilding

The 17th of 19 Ticonderoga (CG- 47) Class of Aegis guided missile cruis- ers was recently christened during a public ceremony at Ingalls Shipbuild- ing division of Litton. The vessel was christened Cape St. George.

The vessel is 567-feet long and is designed to provide primary protec- tion for the Navy's battle fleets. The vessel is equipped with the Aegis

Combat System, the heart of the ship's war fighting capability.

Ingalls has already delivered 15

Aegis cruisers to the Navy and 41 other warships since 1975.

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Ingalls Shipbuilding,

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Yoa Could LoseUplb94,000 Passengers

ThislfearTo^feight Problems.

A twin-diesel power plant can weigh you have lots more room for passengers, over 40,000 pounds, and puts out 6,000 That can mean as many as 94,000 more shp maximum. That can cost your ferry fares every year.* tons of passengers.

But substitute two TF40 turbines and the scales shift dramatically.

TF40's are just l/10th the weight of comparable diesels, and they still give you over 8,000 shp. So you get more speed —potentially enough to add an extra round trip a day.

And since TF40's use far less space, * Based on a 10% increase in passenger capacity on a 450-passenger ferry operating three round trips per day, 350 days per year at 90% capacity.

For details and an estimate of how many more passengers the TF40 can put in your boat, call us at (203) 385-3863.

C1991 Textron Lycoming 1,854 mm ,321 mm—

A diesel exhaust system alone weighs more than an entire TF40. That' a lot of fares gone up in smoke.

So before you go diesel, weigh the alternative.

Call our Director of

Marine Marketing at (203) 385-3863 for more on the TF40.

The TF40. It puts the 1,118 mm people in the seats. And leaves the diesels on the dock.

Wre OnThe Move.

TEXTRON Lycoming

Textron Lycoming/Subsidiary of Textron Inc.

Stratford, CT 06497, USA

May, 1992

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