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New Report Offers

Detailed Study Of

World Reefer Shipping

In their recent report, "Reefer

Shipping - Global Prospects For

Refrigerated Cargo Shipping And

Trade To 2005," Drewry Shipping

Consultants Ltd., London, seeks to provide cargo owners and ship operators with highly detailed and organized data that identifies mar- ket trends in refrigerated cargo to the year 2005.

To explain why there can often be wide variations in revenues during the trading year, "Reefer Shipping" evaluates such factors as: break- bulk, palletized and container shipping; liner versus non-liner; high and low-volume months and sea- sons; and frozen and, chilled cargo.

Up-to-date profiles on the dozen major refrigerated cargo players are also provided. Drewry states that they have provided detailed infor- mation describing the current fleets, spheres of operation and market roles for the Americans, British,

Danish, Dutch, German, Greek,

Japanese, South African and Swed- ish reefer shipping interests.

The report offers an overview of the reefer market, including an ap- praisal of reefership economics and the costs of refrigerated transport.

It examines trends in newbuilt ship


The first choice in

Galley Ventilation

From offshore drilling rigs to cruise ships, Gaylord offers a complete line of high efficiency water-wash extract hoods, with built-in fire protection, to meet your galley needs.

We offer a complete design and engineering service with worldwide sales and manufac- turing to serve the ever-growing

Maritime Industry.


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Guard Level

Cargo Tank Overfill

Protection Systems

New failsafe sensor design, with redundant alarm contacts

High reliability, Low maintenance

Aisi 304L or 316L stainless steel

Adjustable alarm points

Over 4,000 alarm sensors in service

Switch element in the sensor can be serviced while unit is in tank

Built-in test rod for pre- loading self test

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Competitively priced

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Guard requirements

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Circle 211 on Reader Service Card prices, world fleet composition and capacity through the year 2005, owner's operating costs and typical fuel/port expenses in an effort to compare and contrast costs profiles for different ships and fruit trades.

The Reefer Shipping report is published by Drewry Shipping Con- sultants, Ltd., 11 Heron Quay,

London E14 4JF, United Kingdom, price approximately $600 (350

Pounds Sterling) post-paid.

For further information or to re- quest a copy of the report, contact

Peter Rowbotham in the U.K. at:

Telephone: 071-987-9396 Fax: 071- 987-9396 (telephone from the U.S., 011-44-71-987-9396).

R.H. Wager Opens

New Mobile Office

And Product Lines

Michael Wager, president and chief executive officer of Robert H.

Wager Company, Inc., announced the opening of a southern regional office in Mobile. Mr. Wager also said that the new director of sales and marketing for the southern re- gional office will be Nathan


The company's corporate offices are in Rural Hall, North Carolina, and its western regional office is located in Newport Beach, Califor- nia.

The Wager Company manufac- turers a well-known line of marine products including: inverted vent check valves, deck drains, and tank air escape valves. In addition to being the sole national distributor of Tapley brake testing meters,

Wager also handles Copes feed wa- ter regulators, desuperheaters and valves and Vulcan soot blowers.

Wager is starting several new lines of equipment that it will be distributing throughout states in the

U.S. Gulf area. These new items include: NIBCO butterfly and ball valves, Merit brass pipe, tubing and fittings, Potter-Roemer hose valves, caps and adapters, Fairbanks iron and brass valves, Lee Silbraze fit- tings and flanges, and Mueller butterfly valves and strainers.

For free literature on the prod- ucts manufactured and distributed by Robert H. Wager Company, Inc.,

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Non-OPEC Members Urged

To Slow Oil Production

In Saturated Market

The Venezuelan Minister of En- ergy and Mines, Alirio Parra, has asked the nations outside of the

Organization of Petroleum Export- ing Countries (OPEC) to help an already saturated oil market by re- ducing their levels of production.

Last February, OPEC reduced its total production ceiling to 22.98 mil- lion barrels a day, with almost 90 percent of member nations comply- ing with the organization's decision, according to Mr. Parra. 22 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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