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Cruise Vessels To Be Built

In Agreement Between


A letter of intent to construct a series of U.S.-flag SWATH cruise ships was recently signed by

McDermott Marine Construction of

Morgan City, La., and Swathtech

America of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and now it has been reported that a con- tract may be signed to build four vessels. The vessels would be U.S.- flagged and will cost about $100 million to $200 million.

The 256-foot long vessels are de- signed as seagoing entertainment centers which could carry up to 1,000 passengers. The design also allows for dining, dancing and gaming onboard the vessel.

SWATH vessels are reportedly "sea friendly" because the design reduces the amount of pitching and rolling motion which allows for greater passenger comfort.

Swathtech America is a venture consisting of First Trustmark Cor- poration, John J. McMullen Associ- ates, Inc. and Adolfo Bertolotti. The company specializes in financing, design, construction and turnkey delivery of American-built SWATH vessels for buyers around the world.

McDermott Marine Construction is part of McDermott International, a leading worldwide energy services company. The company and its sub- sidiaries provide engineering and construction services to the oil and gas industry, offshore, and for util- ity and industrial facilities onshore.

McDermott also manufactures steam-generating, environmental, defense and aerospace products, and designs, and builds ships.

Engine Efficiency Assoc.,

A Division Of EMS,

Delivers 6 ACCU Systems

Engine Efficiency Associates, a division of Electronic Marine Sys- tems Inc. (EMS) of Rahway, N.J., recently delivered the last of six

ACCU systems to Sheridan Trans- portation. The two-year refit pro- gram took place in four different shipyards in both the U.S. and Eu- rope during regularly scheduled yard periods.

The design of the system allowed the 14-foot modules to be brought through a 15-inch door frame and reassembled in place. Other design features, as well as installation tech- niques, reportedly made the upgrade to ACCU affordable for the first time.

EMS is also manufacturing

Tracor Marcon Automation Prod- ucts in Bellevue, Wash. EMS/

Marcon, as the product is now called, will continue to be marketed and supported worldwide.

For further information detailing the ACCU system,

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For free literature describing

EMS/Marcon products,

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Amclean Develops

Multi-Nozzle Waterjet —Free Video Offered

Amclean, Inc., a Miami-based coatings removal contractor, has developed an advanced waterjet sys- tem that can reportedly remove coat- ings more rapidly than traditional sandblasting techniques.

Amclean claims the system can save shipyards as much as 50 per- cent per square foot as compared to sandblasting. Disposal costs are reportedly reduced by 80 percent, while blasting dust and airborne debris is eliminated.

Amclean's one-man multi-nozzle system is said to be capable of re- moving 1,500 square feet of coating down to white metal in one hour.

Dennis McGuire, Amclean's director of operations, said, "There are at least a half dozen shipyards in the United States that Amclean could trim a million dollars each from their sandblasting expense."

For a free video on the Amclean coating removal process, send a re- quest on your company letterhead to: Amclean Inc., 12920 SW 99th

Avenue, Miami, Fla. 33176, or

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Wyle delivers the unique environ- mental testing the Navy demands.

We provide 167 vibration and 901 shock testing, steam testing (NAVSEA QSL), natural environ- ments, acoustic services (includ- ing underwater measurements), test tailoring, and dynamic analysis.

We have 40 years of independent test experience and test facilities throughout the United States. We can provide a naval test program that is reliable, on time, and within budget.

For more information on Wyle's full range of test services, call Pro- gram Development in Huntsville, AL at (205) 837-4411, Norco, CA at (714) 737-0871 or Hampton, VA at (804) 865-0000.

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