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Robert Mende (left), former SNAME executive director, receiving the Vice Admiral (Jerry) Land

Medal from C. (Larry) French for his "outstand- ing accomplishments in the marine field."

Mende Honored

For Accomplishments

In Marine Field

Former Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) executive director Rob- ert G. Mende has been presented with the Vice Admiral (Jerry) Land

Medal for "Outstanding Accomplish- ments in the Marine Field." The award was presented by C. (Larry)


In addition, to further honor Mr.

Mende, the society's headquarters in Jersey City, N.J., was named the

Robert G. Mende Building.

In making the presentation, Ro- nald K. Kiss, SNAME president, said, "He has guided the society with loyalty, strength, efficiency and to- tal dedication through a period of great change in the art and science of ship design and construction in the United States."

Mr. Mende, who served as soci- ety executive director from 1969 to his retirement the first of this year, was cited for his guidance of the society, making it more internation- ally oriented, expanding the scope of its technical and research pro- gram to include committees dedi- cated to ship design, ship produc- tion, small craft and specialized off- shore engineering.

A graduate of the SUNY Mari- time College at Fort Schuyler and recipient of a Bachelor of Science in

Naval Architecture and Marine En- gineering from Webb Institute, Mr.

Mende held the position of society executive director longer than any other individual.

Francis M. Cagliari was named to succeed Mr. Mende as SNAME

NRC, Coastal And Phibro

To Support Second

National Response Network

The Coastal Corporation, the Na- tional Response Corporation (NRC) and Phibro Energy, Inc. recently an- nounced that they intend to support the creation of a second regional re- sponse network to serve vessel and facility owners seeking compliance with OPA-90.

Officials of Phibro Energy and

Coastal expressed confidence that the

NRC network would offer indepen-

May, 1992 dent refiners, terminals and vessel owners an opportunity to comply with


The NRC network will serve the

U.S. East and Gulf coasts and inland waterway system initially.

It has been reported that plans are underway to modify 12, 180-foot off- shore work vessels to serve as skim- ming and primary recovery boats.

Eight of these vessels will operate in the Gulf of Mexico and the other four will be located on the East Coasts from Miami to Boston.

NRC plans to order 220,000 feet of protective boom and 103 high-capacity skimming units. Support equipment will include landing craft and technical command and communications centers for controlling operations.

NRC is planning to create pro- grams to meet the customers needs and whenever possible integrate with customers, cooperatives and contrac-

Circle 226 on Reader Service Card tors, drawing on available equipment, personnel and warehouse space.

In addition to the eight vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, NRC will also have access to the Seacor Marine

Fleet, which includes high-horse- power vessels and additional supply vessels.

NRC is a joint venture owned by

Seacor Holdings Inc., the Miller En- vironmental Group and Olympic

Marine. 67

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