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New 20 kW for fishboats and workboats. Great refer power.

The new M20CL, 20 kW set is designed for commercial operators who want Northern Lights quality, features and proven reliability—

All at a very affordable price.

Lugger diesel powered. This Lugger four cylinder is anvil tough. It's 135 cube, tunnel-bored, block is rigid for long life.

Smooth and quiet. A four cycle engine, it is balanced and incredibly quiet. A set you can live with while you make a living.

Automatic Voltage Regulation. An

AVR gives you ±1.5% voltage regulation to protect your equipment. The 12 wire, single or 3 phase generator has a 95° temp rise, not 105° like some. Transformer regulated ends are available for heavy motor starting.

More power? There are 5 C-Series.

Choose a 20, 30, 36, 60 or 80 kW set. Plus two 1200 RPM sets at 22 and 30 kW.

Complete set ilh panel & safety shutdowns from 8340 20 k\\ l.o.l i. Sealtle

See Your Dealer

Custom built versatility. There's a full range of options: front PTOs, pulleys, panels, large alterna- tors, pumps and more.

You get a complete power system, not a do-it-yourself genset kit.

Tested, retested. Each set is load tested with its controls. It's right when you get it.

High resale value. Set's quality reputa- tion is a big plus when you sell your boat.

International service. We support you wherever the fishing or tow takes you

See your dealer or factory branch

Seattle 206 789-3880

Fax 206 782-5455

Alaska 907 562-2222

Florida 305 946-7601

Boston 617 561-2800 i^jjii^u:) j^'l; IK


GE Gets $60 Million Contract From


Secures New Naval Vessel Application With LM2500 Gas Turbine

GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) has secured a significant, new naval ves- sel application for its LM2500 gas turbine with a $60 million order from

National Steel & Shipbuilding Co. (NASSCO) to power six U.S. Navy

Sealift vessels.

Each vessel, manufactured by NASSCO, will be powered by a pair of

LM2500 gas turbines recently uprated to 32,000 bhp. The vessels measure 950 feet (289.5 m) long by 105 feet (32 m) wide, and will cruise at 24 knots.

The ships are used for the deployment of heavy armored divisions.

GE will deliver the engines begin-ning in late 1994. GE Industrial &

Power Systems will provide the gears, as well as the drive and control sys- tem for the propulsion package. "The LM2500 will now power a class of ships previously propelled by diesel engines or steam turbines," said Patrick Byrnes, director, U.S. Navy and North American Marine sales for GEAE's Marine and Industrial En- gines Div.

According to the manufacturer, a key step in winning the propulsion contract was uprating the LM2500 for naval applications, which was achieved by incorporating new ad-vanced materials and an improved cooling design. In mid-1993, the U.S. Navy approved LM2500 ratings of 29,500 bhp for surface combatant ships and 32,000 bhp for Navy Sealift applications. Previously, the LM2500 was rated at 26,250 bhp. The new

Naval ratings resulted from exten-sive testing by TBG Cogen Partners at Grumman Aviation in Hicksville, N.Y. and at Stewart & Stevenson Ser- vices in Houston.

A Kvaerner/GE LM2500 gas turbine module nearing completion. The LM2500 is part of the father-and- son propulsion system for Stena AB's HSS craft building in Finland. Additionally, GE recently announced a $60 million contract with NASSCO, to provide LM2500s for U.S. Navy Sealift ships.

Mr. Byrnes said the Sealift pro-pulsion contract better positions the

LM2500 to compete for propulsion work on similar non-military vessels designed to move large commercial cargo.

LM2500s: Putting The "Fast"

In Fast Ferry

The LM2500 has also received ac- claim for its inclusion in the building of the Stena HSS ferry order at

Finnyards Ltd. of Rauma, Finland. Norway's Kvaerner Energy a.s. will provide the Kvaerner-General Elec-tric gas turbine propulsion package.

Of the four gas turbine modules, two will be GE-LM1600 gas turbines and two will be GE-LM2500 units.

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NEW M20CL 20 kW/1800 rpm

Reduce Vapor Emissions with Elliott

Vapor Tight

Valve Operators

Elliott vapor tight operators eliminate vapor leakage through existing reach rod packing glands.

PO Box 773 Telephone (607)772-0404

Binghamton, NY 13902 Fax (607)772-1358

Barge and tanker operators coping with vapor recovery regulation #46CFR Part 39 should know Elliott Manufacturing has an installed base of noncorrosive, nonmagnetic vapor tight valve control products throughout North America.

Over 500 Elliott vapor tight systems have been installed on 17 oceangoing and inland tank barges operated by one major

U.S. barge operator alone. The company to talk to about vapor recovery is Elliott.

Elliott systems offer you a cost- effective solution to vapor control.

By specifying Elliott, you will: • Reduce emissions now with QC- tested, vapor tight, sealed systems • Save money—these operators can be replaced without gas-freeing • Save time with quick installation and easy changeovers • Eliminate reach rod corrosion at packing glands • Simplify maintenance

While most systems are custom- engineered, stock operators may be available for immediate delivery.

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Tight Valve Operators, contact our

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