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ISO 9002

Certificate Number 304%

ABB Maintains "four Bearings

On Land & Sea

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ABB Turbocharger's expert bearing assembly and lubrication pump reconditioning maintains reliable turbocharger operation for optimized engine performance.

The Problem. Rotors unbalanced by contamination place undue stress on turbocharger bearings. '

Unfortunately, the wear on ball and roller bearings cannot be simply measured. To survive constant rotating speeds up to 45,000 rpm, yet maintain quick acceleration and high efficiency at peak operating load,

VTR Series turbochargers' external shaft bearings should be renewed regularly — every 8,000 to 16,000 hours, depending on rating. Likewise, bearing lubricating pumps should be renewed every 16,000 hours — more frequently if operated under severe conditions.

The Solution. ABB Turbocharger Inc., the only ABB factory-authorized repair facility in the U.S.A., reconditions bearing assemblies and lubricating pumps for all ABB series VTR..0,1 and 4 turbochargers to original factory specifications. In our specially designed, climate-controlled room, each unit is disassembled, cleaned, and each component evaluated against ABB

I proprietary criteria. They are reassembled, replacing all worn or damaged components with new parts. Bearing assemblies are calibrated on a factory-designed test stand. Lubricating pumps are tested by measuring oil flow at full running speed. In addition, bearing and pump assemblies expertly reconditioned at our U.S. Repair Facility in North Brunswick, Nf are offered on an exchange basis at substantial savings over new parts. ABB Turbocharger's warranty is included with every reconditioned bearing pump assembly.

ABB Turbocharger Inc. m « «

Field & 24 Hour Service: (908) 932-6103 I H • 1460 Livingston Avenue spare parts 008)932 6055/6063

North Brunswick, N.J. 08902 shops™** mgtom , . — . ' Telex: 056/21 63 76 U.O.A. Fax: (908)932-6378


Stay On Course...With ABB Turbocharger Repair Services.

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