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DID YOU KNOW?... 1. Electro-Motive division of

General Motors (EMD) has built 1698 of its new 710 G series engines and has orders for over 500 more. 2. Over 900 towboats are pow- ered by EMD engines. 3. The 710 G is an evolution of the reliable, dependable 567 A,

B, C and D, and the 645 E and F designs. The 710 G is more fuel efficient across its power range than its four-cycle competition.

It is smoother running, acceler- ates faster, is easier to rebuild, and parts are less expensive and more available than its competi- tion. EMD unit exchange (UTEX) parts are available for all engines. 4. The 710 G and 645 engines are designed for, and are produc- ing 30,000 hours between over- hauls with EMD premium power assemblies, in tough towboat service. 5. The new EMD turbochargers with 18 roller clutches are tougher and last longer.

AND, ARE YOU AWARE?... 1- Unlike some four-cycle engines,

EMDs don't have to be mounted on springs to keep from shaking your boat apart. 2. Unlike some four-cycle engines,

EMDs don't have to have their oil pans changed frequently because of vibration cracks. 3. Unlike some four-cycle engines,

EMDs don't wear out in 15,000 hours, requiring weeks to overhaul at your expense.

Your EMDs will run like they always have, except more efficient- ly then ever before, and more effi- ciently than the competition.

If you're in a hurry, at your 30,000 hour overhaul, we will turn you around in 24 hours, and still bill you less than our competitors.

We'll see you 30,000 hours later.

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