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Kockum Sonics AB Continues

North American Expansion,

Announces New Distributors

Kockum Sonics AB has made sev- eral moves recently to expand its markets in the Americas.

Traditionally strong in the Euro- pean and Asian markets, the deci- sion was made to establish a foot- hold in the U.S. market, and last

September Kockum Sonics Inc. was established in Kenner, La., with

Billy Edwards chosen for the helm.

Billy Edwards

To help the business grow,

Kockum Sonics Inc. has established market channels for the group to serve the Americas, and as a result a number of sub-agents at strategic geographic locations are now sell- ing Kockum Sonics'products. These companies include Archway Marine

Lighting in St. Louis; Beck Electric in San Francisco and Seattle;

Callenberg Engineering in Miami;

Harbor Ship Electric Co. in

Wilmington, Calif; Blue Water Ma- rine/I.M.S.S. in Houston; and Sea

Coast Electronics in Jacksonville,

Fla. Together with Radio Holland, a network of depots with service engineers, trained on Kockum

Sonics' products, is now established.

The company's marine product line includes signalling equipment such as whistles, bells, gongs and signal controllers; level gauging equipment such as the LevelmasterR; the cargo planning system LoadRiteR; the au- topilot Steermaster 2000R; and

Norselight marine and industrial lighting products. For more infor- mation on Kockum Sonics, Inc.,

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Hyde Products Named

Agent For Kvaerner Eureka

Hyde Products, Inc. was recently named an agent to distribute

Kvaerner Eureka's firefighting sys- tems. A world leader in large, mod- ern firefighting systems, Kvaerner

Eureka is a single source for all components including monitors, pumps, gearboxes and controls.

Kvaerner Eureka has installed more than 200 systems on vessels throughout the world, including units aboard two new Foss tugs re- cently. The product line include water monitors with capacities from 5,280 gpm to 15,840 gpm, and a foam monitor with a 3,520 gpm ca- pacity. For more information from

Hyde Products,

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Wartsila, SEMT Pielstick

Opt Not To Renew

License Agreement

Wartsila Diesel has been a li- censed manufacturer of the French medium speed SEMT Pielstick die- sel engines in Gothenburg, Sweden in the former Lindholmen Motor since 1948, and in Turku, Finland since 1965. During the last few years, this activity of Wartsila has been mainly spare parts sales and service to marine and power plant customers. The license agreement having come to an end, the two companies have concluded that each will concentrate on its own engine program and that the licensing agreement will not be renewed.

Wartsila Diesel will transfer its

Pielstick after sales service busi- ness and all spare part stocks to

SEMT Pielstick, which will continue the activity in all markets previ- ously serviced by Wartsila Diesel's worldwide network. This is being done to ensure a continuing high class of service.

The transfer is expected to be completed this month. The after sales service of Wartsila Diesel will be concentrated on its own engine program of medium- and high-speed diesel and gas engines.

No Matter How Far Out to Sea You Go,

There's Always Someone Who's Ready and Anxious to Hear From You . .. . . . a COMSAT operator.

Anytime at all, 24 hours a day, every day.

Anywhere in the world you may sail. They're standing by to help you in any way they possibly can.

Courteously. Tactfully. Professionally. And, most of all, at no charge!

COMSAT operators are the only team of operators in the Inmarsat system dedicated to working around the clock to personally assist you in every way possible. From placing your person-to-person calls to helping you conduct business at sea, they are always there to help you.

In fact, many people at sea have come to think of COMSAT operators as a "friendly voice from home" that they can always count on.

And in a real emergency, you can always count on highly trained COMSAT operators such as Suzanne Loetz of our Santa Paula facility. Suzanne recently sprang into action to get quick rescue assistance to a cargo ship sailing near Indonesia after she received an urgent distress call saying the ship had been boarded by armed pirates.

Plus . . . you can always count on

COMSAT operators to help you with services that can maximize the efficiency of your communications: • FREE Time and Charges * FREE Operator Assistance • FREE Translation Assistance in Over 140 Languages • 56/64 kbps Call Assistance • Telex Group Calls • Credit Card Billing • Global Telex Switching Services

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Whatever the situation, COMSAT's operators are ready and anxious to help you. During an emergency . . . helping you conduct business ... or just making sure you are never out of touch when you are out at sea.

Unlike other providers, we don't provide you with mere switching services or electronic voices. We provide you with real, live people whose only job is to help you.

COMSAT service. It's what we're all about... in every situation. ^COMSAT

MARITIME SERVICES 1 -800-424-9152 (Toll Free in the U.S.) 22300 COMSAT Drive, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Outside the U.S.: +1-301-428-2379

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