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Electronics Yearbook

Navigation & Communication Equipment

Atlas Electronik of


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Atlas Elektronik of America has a number of developments, including

Atlas Multipilot, a turnkey inte- grated navigation unit combining

ARPA, ECDIS and track control functions which superimposes ra- dar images on an electronic chart display. It has been successfully evaluated under the auspices of the

U.S. Coast Guard at Kings Point,


Other systems include a new range of low-cost survey sounders,

DESO 11, 14 and 15, for precision measurements down to 650 meters.

Also new is the SP 1600 series of

Inmarsat-M mobile communications terminals, including an approved briefcase version.

CAST, Inc.

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Computing Applications Software

Technology (CAST), Inc., a subsid- iary of Billerica, Mass.-based Pacer

Systems, Inc., offers the ADS 580V for use with an Automated Depen- dent Surveillance System (ADSS).

The ADS 580V is fully compliant

QC display and outputs. Post-pro- cessing raw data can be achieved withPNAVTRAJECTORYSoftware giving the same sub-meter accuracy.

Alden SATPHONE™ SP1600

Inmarsat-M Terminal.

Ashtech, Inc.

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Ashtech, Inc. designs a variety of

GPS receivers for use in survey, mapping, navigation, Real-Time

Differential applications and three- dimensional positioning. New prod- ucts include the 3DF ADU that pro- vides real-time attitude measure- ments with accurate position, head- ing and velocity and the DNS-12 that comes standard with Real-Time

Differential while using its new

SUPER C/A code technology.

The 3DF ADU's applications in- clude INS integration, vehicle head- ing and attitude, photogrammetry and artillery pointing. The 3DF

ADU is a real-time heading and attitude sensor for oceanographic, seismic exploration activites and gyro calibration at sea. With Real-

Time Differential the system can accept RTCM-104 differential cor- rections while simultaneously out- putting the corrected position. The 3DF AFU is ideal for dynamic con- ditions such as use on ships, air- craft and land vehicles.

The DNS-12 receiver can con- tinuously track up to 12 satellites simultaneously on 12 separate and parallel channels with SUPER C/A code technology. The DNS- 12's fea- tures include Waypoint navigation, datum selection, UTM's or latitude, longitude, satellite visibility and QA/

To support the Glo- bal Maritime Distress

Safety System (GMDSS), Alden

Electronics provides the new SATFIND- 406™ SURVIVAL

EPIRB in both float free and manual re- lease models; the new

ALDENSART, which responds to radar sig- nals from rescue planes or vessels by painting its location on the rescuer's ra- dar screen; and the

Alden Navtex Re- ceiver, AE-900, that automatically re- ceives all weather and navigational warnings. Alden is also in the process of introducing the

Adroit Systems Inc.

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Adroit Systems Inc. (ASI) sup- plies custom design of GPS attitude determining products to meet spe- cific customer requirements. ASI offers TRIADS Model 100 and TRI-

ADS Model 200, GPS-based atti- tude determining systems which provide GPS derived heading, pitch, roll, position, velocity and time any- where in the world on a 24-hour basis. The system is DGPS capable and accepts RTCM SC-104 correc- tions. TRIADS outputs NMEA com- pliant solutions via RS-232 or RS- 422 serial ports.

TRIADS has an embedded 486 single board computer, multiple GPS receivers and antennas, and an an- tenna assembly. Model 100 updates its attitude solution once per second and achieves accuracies of 0.4 de- grees azimuth, 0.5 degrees pitch, and 0.5 degrees roll. TRIADS Model 200 provides a 5 Hz attitude update rate for more dynamic applications.

Alden Electronics, Inc.

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