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Marine Electronics Yearbook with Federal regulations for Auto- matic Dependent Surveillance equipment required on tankers op- erating in Prince William Sound,

Alaska. The unit features an all-in- view, 12-channel GPS navigator, augmented with differential correc- tions automatically accepted as de- termined by pre-stored NDB alma- nacs. When a vessel enters desig- nated waters, the ADS 580V auto- matically reports its position within 32 feet to a shore-based vessel traf- fic control center on a VHF-FM DSC transceiver, along with the time, figure of merit (HDOP), ship's speed and course over ground and its

Lloyd's Registration number.


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For marine operators of all types,

Cellnet Corporation provides

CallAboard®, a solution for offshore environments where public tele- phone service is desired.

Using state-of-the-art cellular and pay-phone technology, CallAboard reportedly fills a need for many in- dustry companies including opera- tors of ferries, gaming vessels, work barges, marine offshore construc- tion projects, etc.

CallAboard allows callers to dial anywhere in the world and bill the entire call to a major credit or phone company calling card, as well as make collect calls. The vessel or platform operators never receive any bills for user calls. In addition,

Cellnet pays commissions based on percentages of the monthly gross cellular airtime revenue that is gen- erated. The service is provided free of charge to qualified marine opera- tors and is available across the U.S. and in certain foreign markets.


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C-Map USA's digitized electronic chart library includes more than 8,500 charts covering all major ar- eas and ports around the world.

C-Map electronic charts are accuruate digitized composites of all pertinent information from gov- ernment charts. Observations made during a trip, like the location of dangerous reefs, may be perma- nently stored in the charting sys- tem or on a C-Map "User-Cartridge."

A C-Map-based system may also be connected to a compatible printer to print a hard copy of each course. All

C-Map-based systems have the ca- pability to convert meters to feet or fathoms with a push of a button.

ComNav Marine

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ComNav Marine has manufac- tured commercial marine autopi- lots since 1982. ComNav introduced the ComNav 2200 Autopilot in re- sponse to customer demand. The 2200's actual heading and com- manded course are continuously shown on a traditional compass rose which is also used for dialing in the course changes. Knobs are used for function control, rudder and turn rate. Automatic Yaw Control con- stantly senses and adjusts for sea state conditions. A DC motor con- troller circuit interfaces the 2200 to most available steering drive sys- tems.


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Comsat's new Mobile Link digi- tal satellite communications service provides instant direct-dial tele- phone connections anywhere in the world through marine terminals small enough to be fitted on boats 40 feet (12 m) and up. In 1994, Comsat will expand Mobile Link coverage to include the Indian Ocean Region through a new land earth station to be opened at Kuantan, Malaysia.

Comsat also offers worldwide tele- phone, fax, telex and high-speed data links for larger vessels through its Inmarsat-A and Inmarsat-B ser- vices. Store-and-forward text and

E-mail services are also available through small, lightweight

Inmarsat-C terminals.

C. Plath

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C. Plath offers the Computer

Aided Gyrocompass (CAG) and the

NAVIPLOT line of electronic chart tables. The CAG from C.Plath ful- fills the requirements of a draft



Standard two and three piece modular construc- tion allows Lang marine cooking equipment to pass through a 26 x 66" hatch.

What's more, Lang marine equipment is

Underwriters Laboratories tested and listed as meeting UL 197 to include the marine supplement per U.S. Coast Guard regulation 46 CFR 111.77-3.

For more information, please call Mark Jones at (206) 885-4045 laos since 1904

P.O. Box 905

Redmond,WA 98073-0905

Fax (206) 882-2373

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Division of


Complete Marine Fendering with

Dockside Installation Facilities



Molded &


Rubber l@ffS.ifl

Foam Ship &

Pier Fender i

When push comes lo shove ha ve a Viking on your side.


MODULAR FENDERING 50 Church Street • Sea Bright, NJ 07760 USA 908-530-6600 • FAX 908-530-6866 'Built on a commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.'

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A quality TORSIONMETER at a very low price.

For $4,370: • Horsepower, Torque, RPM displays • Digital accuracy to 1% • 3 year UNCONDITIONAL warranty • Can be installed and setup by the user • 4" or 40" shaft diameter - Same low price • 500 or 50,000 HP - Same low price • Many other features and options

MCR Engineering Co., Inc. 206 Dedham St. Norfolk, MASS 02056-1652

TEL: (508) 384-5186 Fax: (508) 384-5833

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