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PVine productivity starts with Marine Performance Line

Filtration Products

You expect your hard- working engines to deliver. Now, you can rely on Marine

Performance Line (MPL)

Filtration Products and

Services to make sure you get where you're

MPL is designed to maximize performance and minimize engine wear. MPL is available for all major marine diesel engines applications (EMD, Detroit Diesel, Deere, CAT, Cummins,

Lugger, Volvo Penta).

To find out more about MPL brand filters, write to: Fleetguard Marine 402 BNA Drive, Suite 500

Nashville, TN 37217

Attn: Marine Market Manager

DGPS Chart Viewer

The Ultimate Navigation Instrument

Chart Viewer is the DGPS of the90's. With 10 ft. accuracy when supplied with its 6 channel differential receiver, our detailed chart displays your precise movement directly on the screen. •Shows all depth markings & bottom contour. •Add/Delete Navaids. •Electronic Dead Reckoning. •Worldwide navigation database. •Chart update program. •Voyage Recorder. •Automatic Beacon Selection. •Vessel Traffic Surveillance Capability.

CHART VIEWER is built to the following Mil Spec specifications; Water Resistance and Salt Exposure

MIL-T 28800c paragraph 4.5 6.2

V ibration 1.5g 10-100H Shock 5 G peak.

Electronic Marine Systems, Inc. 800 Femdale Place. Rahwav, NJ 07065 908-382-4344 • Fax: 908-388-5111 •

Precise Navigation at a Fraction of the Price. = Marine Electronics Yearbook = which includes speeds of up to 60 knots at latitudes as high as 75 degrees. The C.Plath NAVIGAT X gyrocompass is the heart of the CAG system. In the

CAG system, the computation of the correction values is carried out by the compass monitor

NAVITWIN II, and one or two NAVIGAT X gyro- compasses may be used. The compensation value is calculated and applied separately for each gyro- compass. Data transfer between the individual system components is serial. The repeater distribu- tion box generates all analogue and digital heading signals required to drive peripheral equipment.

EEV, Inc.

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EEVs complete range of long-life marine radar magnetrons, covering output power of 1.5 kW to 60 kW, have been designed to provide long operational life. EEV now manufactures three new long-life magnetrons to replace a standard glass 2J55 mag- netron. Types MG5435/2J55, MG5445 and MG5455 provide up to three times the life of a standard 2 J55 magnetron, are competitively priced and in stock for same day shipment.

EMS Advanced Product Group

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Electronic Marine Systems, Inc. (EMS) Advanced

Product Group manufactures Differential GPS (DGPS) Systems and has developed a complete

DGPS system which automatically selects the clos- est beacon and tunes to it in software, which also acts as a complete voyage recorder.

Another new product from EMS Advanced Prod- uct Group is the Marine DC UPS power supply which is built to ABS and USCG specifications as a 115VAC to 12 or 24 VDC uninterruptable power supply for navigation or automation equipment.

EMS Marcon

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EMS Marcon manufactures Shipboard Automa- tion Monitoring and Control Systems approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and American Bureau of

Shipping for ACCU applications. EMS Marcon has a new product line of overfill alarm sensors with no moving parts, which can be replaced on deck, with- out venting to atmosphere, in minutes. It is ap- proved by USCG, ABS and FM for Class I Div. I

Groups C&D use. On deck displays and closed tank gauging rounds out this new technology.

Frotronics, Inc.

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Frotronics, Inc., the North American distributor for Tokimec, Inc. (formerly Tokyo-Keiki), an inter- national designer and manufacturer of marine gyro- compasses, radars and autopilots, offers Tokimec's new ES-100 series of gyrocompasses and BR-2500 color radar system. The ES gyrocompass series, the

ES-140, ES-150 and ES-160, offer the latest in

Tokimec's combined "mechatronics" and computer technology, providing a highly reliable compact gyrocompass, designed for use on any size of vessel.

The ES-160 exceeds IMO requirements.

Tokimec's BR-2500 color radar system uses a very high resolution 20-inch, seven-color CRT, a touch panel control, with person-machine inter- faced menus for all high level functions and auto- matic tracking of up to 20 targets.

Furuno U.S.A. Inc.

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Furuno, U.S.A., Inc. has, in addition to its tradi- tional big ship ARPA radars and GMDSS equip- 80 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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