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Marine Electronics Yearbook ment, new additions to the Furuno product line ranging from more big ship radars to sounders, sonars to

NAV receivers, weather faxes to plot- ters—even autopilots and marine radios. Furuno has a new 1994 product catalog featuring full de- tails on more than 75 different prod- ucts.

Garmin International

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Garmin International designs, manufactures and markets naviga- tion and communications electron- ics worldwide. New products from

Garmin for 1994 include: • GPS 45: an ultra-compact handheld receiver with rocker key- pad operating environment • GPSMAP 220: a color, LCD GPS/ chartplotter with waterproof case; also available as GPSMAP 210 with black & white LCD screen • GBR 21: a differential beacon re- ceiver enabling an accuracy of bet- ter than 33 feet.

Graseby Nova Ltd.

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Graseby Nova's RT260M EPIRB received type approval from the U.S.

Coast Guard. Launched early in 1993, the company has sold more than 2,000 units, with a major con- tract to the Royal Navy. The new compact beacon operates on 406/ 121.5 MHz and features a five-year battery shelf life. The RT260M can be programmed externally by use of a handheld Infra Red link. The

RT260M is approved to Cospas-

Sarsal, and throughout the world, including Russia and China.

Henschel, Inc.

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Henschel, Inc. supplies the in- dustry with marine alarm, control and interior communications equip- ment. Henschel's UMS 2000 Alarm and Monitoring System has ex- panded graphic options such as full mimic diagrams for the Alarm and

Monitoring System. Henschel also offers the UCS 2000 control system and integration for the company's communications systems.

Hose-McCann, Inc.

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Hose-McCann Telephone Com- pany moved south last year from its

Englewood, N.J. location to a larger, state-of-the-art manufacturing fa- cility and corporate headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Hose-McCann continues to manu- facture its product line of sound- powered telephones, navigation light panels, audible and visual sig- naling devices and a complete line of U.S. Navy symbol number items, as well as the series 9500 dial tele- phone system.

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ICOM America, Inc.

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ICOM America offers a complete line of marine communications equipment. ICOM is known for its

VHF transceivers, VHF handhelds and single sideband transceiver, but also has a GPS handheld and ra- dars. ICOM provides a full two- year warranty on all marine VHF transceivers, single sidebands and the IC-M11 handheld. Newly intro- duced gear includes the IC-M15 waterproof VHF handheld and the

IC-M126DSC (Digital Selective Call- ing) VHF transceiver. ICOM's IC-

M126DSC is a marine VHF trans- ceiver with Digital Selective Call- ing (DSC). ICOM's IC-M15 is a marine VHF hand-held tranceiver and is FCC-type approved.

IDB Mobile

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IDB Mobile provides Inmarsat service and delivers a full array of telecommunications services with its global network and user-friendly products. IDB Mobile's Global In- frastructure of Multiple Inmarsat

Services and Systems will be joined by other mobile satellite services:

Voice Services: Inmarsat A;

Inmarsat B; Inmarsat M; Oceancell (AMSC); CI-7 Call Integrator (PABX); Credit/Debit Card Phone.

Data Services: Inmarsat Telex;


Messaging & GPS; E-Mail; Point-


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Navigation Receivers

Selected by the United States Navy and the Royal Navy ^ Megapulse, Inc. 8 Preston Court Bedford, Mass. 01730*2380 USA (617)275-2010 Telex 92-3358 MEG-BDFD FAX (617) 275-4149

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