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Marino Electronics Yearbook

U.K., builds efficient Message Trans- fer Agents (MTAs) for marine satel- lite communications.

The MTA provides a proven store and forward electronic messaging service with the ability to transfer information electronically, whether it be text, facsimile, image or pro- gram files. In the last year, Marinet

Systems has built a message han- dling system which works across x.400 networks and reportedly al- lows satellite communications to be more than 85 percent cheaper than normal satellite traffic.

Megapulse, Inc.

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Megapulse, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of solid-state Loran-

C systems, offers marine customers its Accufix 500N+ integrated navi- gation receiver.

Several navies and research in- stitutes have purchased the Accufix series of receivers since the com- pany began production in 1981, with more than 150 units currently in operation worldwide. The Accufix 500N+ includes an internal DGPS

MSK receiver as an option at the time of ordering or at a later date.

Megapulse also offers the Accufix

D100 and D200, DGPS MSK Bea- con Broadcast receivers, which are designed to work with any DGPS

RTCM104 capable GPS receiver.

Micrologic, Inc.

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Micrologic has added a low cost, full-featured GPS to its line of GPS receivers. The Sportsman hand- held receiver has 1,000 waypoint capacity, 500 of which can be en- tered as Lat/Lon, present position, range/bearing, MGRS, UTM, TDs, data log, and PC download. The other 500 are available with the automatic data log feature, which records position, day, date, time and estimated accuracy once per minute.

It can also be used as a fixed mount unit by connecting it to an optional external antenna, and serial data adapter box. The Sportsman has one programmable input port, and one programmable output port, each selectable as NMEA 0180, NMEA 0183, NMEA RMc, laptop PC or standard PC.

Micrologic has also added fea- tures to its Admiral GPS. The Ad- miral has four built-in databases to choose from: East Coast, West Coast,

Asia and Europe. The East Coast database contains 13,500 lights and buoys, the West Coast 13,200, Asia 8,300, and the European database 13,000. The unit is differential data ready, so when connected to any

SC104 DGPS receiver is reportedly accurate to within five meters. Ad- ditionally, the Admiral now sup- ports NMEA 0183 Version 2. The 250 waypoints can be entered by

Lat/Lon present position, range and bearing, UTM, MGRS or Loran TDs.

The Admiral will also automatically record and plot a vessel's track in- cluding all waypoints, lights and buoys within the plot area.

Micrologic Inc. has been manufac- turing marine electronics for 20 years and sells to more than 450 dealers worldwide.

Morad Electronics Corp.

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Morad offers a complete line of

VHF SSF CB and special frequency antennas and accessories for ma- rine and land-based applications.

Morad antennas and accessories are sold around the world through more than 600 marine electronics deal- ers. Morad's new VHF lOdB an- tenna is available in UPS shippable version. Morad Electronics has been manufacturing marine and land- based antennas for more than 40 years.

Motorola, Inc.

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Motorola, Inc. offers the

TRAXAR™ GPS Navigator, a handheld navigation computer that provides mariners with accurate position, navigation, velocity and time information. It can be used anywhere in the world, at any time of day and in harsh weather. Al- though designed to be portable, the receiver can be set into a mounting bracket for access to external power.

The TRAXAR also provides NMEA 0183 output to other electronic de- vices and offers a completely menu- driven operation, a remote antenna for use below decks and audible alarms. Other special features in- clude graphic steering and cross track error displays and "man over- board" emergency steering function.

Naval Electronics Inc.

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Naval Electronics, which manu- factures marine television anten- nas and distribution systems, offers complete systems designed, sup- plied, installed and serviced.

Naval's MK20/22 Marine TV An- tenna now feeds a brand new "Head-

End" amplifier system. The new 3000 series of cassette amplifiers splits the TV spectrum up into sev- eral bands. Each band has its own amplifier with a high dynamic range automatic gain control (AGC). This improves system performance through lower noise and reduction of ghosting. A cascade filtering sys- tem incorporated in the 3000 series further reduces noise and the possi- bility of ghosting.


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Norcontrol Automation a.s., part of the Horten, Norway-based

Norcontrol group, offers the marine industry its fourth generation inte- grated ARPA and navigation sys- tem, the DataBridge 20001.

Designed as a total navigation system, DB-2000I is linked to dual radars, doppler log, gyro, anemom- eter, echosounder and various other sensors to concentrate operator in- formation and simplify data evalua- tion. GPS, Loran-C and Decca are read simultaneously by the

DataPosition subsystem to obtain the ship's best position.

The system is prepared for direct communication and control of ship's propulsion, speed, course and fuel consumption, as well as digital maps and functions for voyage control.

Easy operation is handled by a "di- rect addressing" softkey, trackerball, a high resolution color display and separate alphanumeric data display.

Offshore Systems Ltd.

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Vancouver, Canada-based Off- shore Systems, Ltd.'s Electronic

Chart-based Precise Integrated

Navigation System (ECPINS) is fully compliant with all IMO ECDIS stan- /larch, 1994

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Sheen-Free Water

With BilgeMaster!

For more than 15 years the fully automatic BilgeMaster System has been at sea on all types of commercial and military vessels. • Uses no filters! • Certified by U.S.C.G. for I.M.O. compliance. • Double epoxy coated tanks. • Sacrificial zinc anode for galvanic corrosion protection.

The complete BilgeMaster System includes pump, sensors and controls as well as fused power disconnect. A complete system for the most economical solution to pollution control.









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