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= Marine Electronics Yearbook = dards through testing on a variety of government and commercial ves- sels. ECPINS links precise naviga- tion and radar data to electronic vector charts, providing the naviga- tor with "own ship" position once every half-second directly on a clear, multi-color electronic chart.

ECPINS can also display radar im- ages and ARPA targets scanning ahead to warn of chart features less than a selected "safe depth." Chart data can also be viewed simulta- neously at close and long range set- tings through a multi-window pre- sentation.


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Panasonic's new KX-G5700 handheld GPS reciever weighs less than a pound and has five-channel plotter featuring a graphic LCD dis- play for a visual map of your current position or any of the 256 program- mable waypoints (expandable to 1,024). The KX-G5700 features bear- ing, range, speed over ground and cross track error, plus built-in elec- tronic compass and Navionics chart card-compatibility.

Racal Decca Marine Ltd.

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Racal-Decca's MIRANS range of integrated bridge systems features the BridgeMaster 340 ARPA radar which combines ease of use with bad weather clarity. The ChartMaster system can display vectorized elec- tronic charts as either a MIRANS or stand alone model, with ARPA tar- gets being shown on the ECDIS compatible chart display. The

MapMaster system combines the

ChartMaster's performance with cost savings by enabling users to draw their own electronic maps to a high standard.

Radio Holland

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Radio Holland, with its U.S. head- quarters located in Houston, Texas, has established a complete program for maritime GMDSS stations, in- cluding GMDSS equipment, shore- based maintenance and radio traf- fic accounting with air time cost- saving programs. An SP Radio (Sailor) integrated communications console combines all GMDSS-re- quired radio elements into a com- pact package, designed to be in- stalled on a vessel's bridge. Radio

Holland's GMDSS package also in- cludes a qualified shore-based main- tenance program which supports worldwide operation. System in- stallation can be accomplished at ports throughout the world with operator training available aboard ship and at shore locations. The

Radio Holland GMDSS system, in conjunction with Kelvin Hughes "Nucleus" radars and integrated bridge components, is designed to improve efficiency and safety.

Raytheon Marine Co.

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Raytheon's SeaTalkR technology is a prime example of how the manu- facturer strives to provide custom- ers with customization and versatil- ity, as it allows simplified integra- tion and information sharing.

Raytheon equipment integrated with SeaTalk takes advantage of a system that shares navigation in- formation between all electronics.

Position, heading, speed, waypoint, depth, temperature and routes are typical of the many types of infor- mation that can be sent between electronic instruments. This elimi- nates the need for duplication, since separate sensors aren't required and a single head acts for several instru- ments. Other Raytheon instru- ments can easily be integrated into

SeaTalk. And even if one instru- ment shuts down, the others will continue to operate. Raytheon elec- tronics, and SeaTalk connected in- struments, can be integrated with your existing NMEA 0183 compat- ible equipment. Also new from

Raytheon this year is the line of XX radars. The company offers numer- ous products to both the military, commercial and recreational mar- kets, including autopilots, electronic charting, GPS, sensors, GPS/Loran,

VHF-FM radiotelephones, loudhailer, SSB radiotelephones, antennas, SARTs and EPIRBS.

RD Instruments

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RD Instruments develops and manufactures Acoustic Doppler

Current Profilers (ADCP).

BroadBand ADCPs provide perfor- mance in speed logs or moored and mobile measurement of water cur- rents at many depths simulta- neously. Five standard models cover a wide range of applications in wa- ter depths from 5.5 feet.

Reson, Inc.

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Reson, Inc. offers the SeaBat Se- ries of Sonar Systems: the SeaBat 9001 (single-head multibeam real- time system) and SeaBat 9002 (dual- head multibeam real-time system).

SeaBat 9002, the newest SeaBat model, utilizes two SeaBat 9001

Systems that have been modified to operate together within the same acoustic environment. The two so- nar heads can be mounted from either a single location or from sepa- rate locations to cover any angle of between 90 degrees and 180 de- grees. The SeaBat 9001 is a solid state bathymetry system that mea- sures the profile of the seafloor.

Profiles are recorded and displayed at speeds of up to 30 times per sec- ond, while the computed seafloor data is output via a standard RS- 232 interface for real-time presen- tation, allowing for critical real-time interaction. Tests conducted on the

SeaBat 9001 and SeaBat 9002 by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric

Administration (NOAA) have re- sulted in accuracies that meet the

International Hydrographic

Organization's (IHO) standards for inshore bathymetry operations.

Saab Marine Electronics

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Saab Marine Electronics provides cargo level gauging for tankers.

Since 1976 more than 800 tankers have been equipped with the radar- based, non-contact level gauging system Saab TankRadar™. To- gether with the computerized cargo handling system Saab MaC/501,

Saab TankRadar gives total control on board any kind of tanker, from small coastal vessels to VLCCs. Saab

Marine Electronics also provides equipment for ballast gauging and load calculation.

Sea-Hornet Marine

Industries, Inc.

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Sea-Hornet Marine Industries has developed the new VM-5501, a

Vessel Monitoring And Control sys- tem (V-MAC) which has 768 sepa- rate analog and digital input zones to monitor and control equipment like engines, gensets, tank levels, hydraulic pressure, pumps, etc. The

VM-5501 aids navigation with inte- grated radar, plotter, sonar and

GPS, and aids ships' safety and se- curity with recognized Multi-Deck fire alarm system, built-in watch alarm, burglary, anti-theft, anti- tamper and Watchman's Tour sys- tem. The VM-5501 V-MAC can com- municate via satellite, cellular phone of VHF/SSB.

SI-TEX Marine

Electronics Inc.

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SI-TEX Marine Electronics manufactures a complete line of marine electronics including radars,

GPS and loran receivers, depth find- ers/fish finders, VHF radio, marine stereo, electronic charting systems and autopilot. Koden manufactures a complete line of marine electron- ics including radar, GPS, sounders, plotters, ADF and VHF radio.

Some Go To Great

Lengths to Avoid A



Until Mother Nature applies stealth technology to land masses or weather fronts, SIMRAD/Anritsu's full line of precision radar equipment will detect even the most evasive targets.

Newly developed circuitry known as

Advanced Visual Sensitivity (AVS) enables our radar units to discriminate viable target echoes from ambient noise - giving you the clearest screen image possible.

But what's best about a

SIMRAD/Anritsu radar is you don't have to be a rocket scientist to operate one.

Features like on-screen menus, simple controls and auto tuning keep things easy to use. Other features such as dual VRMs and EBLs, off-centering and guard zone mean you get the most radar for your money.

Our small radars feature range scales as close as 1/8 mile for close- quarter navigation.

Larger units survey up to 120 miles of open sea

Contact your dealer or call us today. (10-inch, 4kw radar with 48-rwutieai mile range)

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