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Rex Bousfield Launches

Marine Furniture Products

Rex Bousfield Ltd. now offers the

RB 32 marine furniture range for cruise ships and other commercial vessels. The product range report- edly offers a wide variety of styling and performance options. The crux of the new line is the Holdfast as- sembly technology, which report- edly ensures sturdy construction across a range of materials. The RB 32 range was independently tested and approved in the U.K. by the

Furniture Industry Research Asso- ciation (FIRA), to international fur- niture performance standards; strength: ISO 7173, stability: ISO 7174, at a level which makes the furniture suitable for severe and general contract applications. For a free brochure on the new line,

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Ovako Couplings Now

Offers 24-Hour Service

Ovako Couplings manufactures shaft couplings that don't require keys or other conventional methods of shaft preparation, such as thrust rings of backing nuts.

Long known as SKF OK couplings, and the flanged version of OKF cou- plings, more than 20,000 of these units—which are classified by ABS,

Lloyds and other classification soci- eties—are in service around the world.

From 2,000 to 3,600-shp tugboats, to nuclear submarines to fishing boats and ferries, OK and OKF cou- plings and the SKF Supergrip bolts are designed for rugged service con- ditions and high torque and shock loads.

The couplings feature two basic parts: a thick outer sleeve with a tapered bore and a thinner inner sleeve, making shaft preparation for the couplings straightforward, re- quiring only straight, fine-tuned shafts butted together.

The use of oil injection enables the coupling's outer sleeve to be driven up over the inner sleeve.

The inner sleeve is compressed onto the shaft and the torque is carried by the whole pressure area of the coupling.

Using this method, no high-stress areas are created and reportedly no fretting takes place, even under con- ditions of reversing torques or heavy shock loads.

Special oil injection tools have been designed by SKF, and are pro- vided with the OK couplings and

Supergrip bolts.

Ordinary mineral oil is used as the injection medium, and the re- moval of the OK or OKF coupling from the shaft is reportedly as simple and quick as the installation.

Many retrofit applications for OK couplings have been installed over the years, from repairing rudder stocks, to reconnecting broken bow thruster drives.

In conjunction with Ovako's hy- draulically installed expansion bolt system, a class of ferries was retro- fitted with a combination of spe- cially designed flange couplings, tie bolts and expansion dowels.

Ovako Couplings Division's sales manager Robin King also an- nounced that the company has sel up a 24-hour spare parts facility ir

Torrington, Conn.

For more information on the prod ucts and services of OVAKO Cou plings,



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Ban On U.S.-Vietnam Trans- portation Lifted

President Clinton's lift of th-

U.S. trade embargo against Viet nam has prompted the Departmen of Transportation (DOT), in conjunc tion with the Department of Com merce (DOC), to lift a ban again?

U.S. ships and aircraft transportin goods or traveling to that country,

The DOT and DOC have prev: ously prohibited any U.S. doct mented ship or U.S.-registered aii craft from engaging in those activ ties. In early February the secretai ies of State, Commerce and Tre; sury were instructed to lift the trad embargo against Vietnam. SVENSKA MASSAN GOTHENBURG 26-28 APRIL 88

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