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Maximum Vessel Length To Transit

Seaway Is Increased

U.S. Saint Lawrence Seaway

Development Corporation Admin- istrator Stanford E. Parris an- nounced that the maximum vessel length to transit the St. Lawrence

Seaway and its 15 locks has been increased from 730 (222.5 m) to 740 ft.(225.5m)—the first vessel length increase in the waterway's 35-year history.

The increase is the third non- structural improvement made to the Seaway in the past year by the

Saint Lawrence Seaway Develop- ment Corporation and the Cana- dian St. Lawrence Seaway Author- ity.

In late 1993, the Seaway entities increased the maximum sailing draft three inches to 26.25 ft. (8 m) from 26 ft. (7.92 m) for both direc- tions throughout the entire naviga- tion season — a seemingly small increase which allowed the passage of vessels carrying much greater ton- nage.

Earlier this year, the maximum vessel beam to transit the Seaway's locks was increased from 76 ft. (23.1 m) to 78 ft. (23.8 m).

Administrator Parris said that the increase was another step in improving shipping on the Seaway, and that the increases would be im- portant for newbuilding of Seaway vessels under the Seaway's proposed vessel incentive plan, which proposes offering Seaway toll discounts to newbuild vessels built to Seaway specifications.

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NASSCO Awards WestPac $1.2 Million-Plus Award

WestPac Industries, Cardiff-by- the-Sea, Calif., was awarded orders totaling upwards of $1.2 million from

National Steel and Shipbuilding Co. (NASSCO), San Diego, Calif.

WestPac is providing mooring hard- ware for three Military Sealift Com- mand vessels under conversion at

NASSCO. These vessels are used for the rapid deployment of supplies to troops.

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Bisso Marine Completes Lift

Bisso Marine Company, Inc., of

New Orleans, La., completed a 638- ton lift at the Greens Bayou termi- nal.

Bisso Marine's derrick barge

Cappy Bisso lifted the 638-ton pres- sure vessel from the M/S Carola I and loaded it onto heavy haul trail- ers positioned on the barge. The cargo was handled by Schenker In- ternational, Inc., Houston, Texas.

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Gulf & Atlantic Marine

Services Names

New Sales Manager

Nancy Newsom has been named

Gulf & Atlantic Maritime Service's

Sales Manager for northern Cali- fornia. Ms. Newsom will be located in San Francisco and her primary responsibilities will include logis- tics and project management, pric- ing and negotiation, as well as cus- tomer service and sales support.

Prior to joining Gulf & Atlantic,

Ms. Newsom was employed by At- lantic Container Line for two years as the pricing and special projects manager.

Ms. Newsom managed export pricing decisions in the $170 million market for a major European car- rier.

Ms. Newsom also worked at

Matron Freight Agencies for two years.

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