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Gladding-Hearn Delivers

High-Speed Cat To Maine

Whale Watch Co.

Reportedly the nation's first high- speed whale-watch vessel was de- livered to Bar Harbor Whale Watch

Company, Bar Harbor, Me., by

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding,

Somerset, Mass., licensee for Aus- tralia-based International Catama- ran Designs (Incat). The new 92-ft. (28-m), 149-passenger catamaran,

Friendship TV, is powered by twin 815-hp Detroit Diesel DDEC en- gines. Gladding-Hearn claims the vessel is the fastest whale watching boat in North America, with a top speed of more than 28 knots.

Owner Marc Brent said the vessel's top speed will allow his com- pany to make three daily whale watch trips instead of two.

Unlike other catamarans built by Gladding-Hearn, the all-alumi- num vessel incorporates Incat's unique Z-Bow configuration, adapted from the designer's wave- piercing catamaran. The resulting longer waterline reportedly im- proves the vessel's high-speed per- formance and adds bouyancy for passengers.

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Being Built At Marinteknik

A 500-passenger aluminum cata- maran is under construction at

Marinteknik Shipbuilders Pte. Ltd.,

Singapore, for the Discovery Bay company. The catamaran, Discov- ery Bay 1, is 138 ft. (42 m) long, with a beam of 38 ft. (11.5 m) and draft of 4 ft. (1.3 m). The hulls and platform are made of aluminum extrusions designed and developed by

Marinteknik, producing a light craft.

Two MJP waterjets reportedly give the vessel a high degree of maneu- verability, shallow draft, minimal wash and wake signatures, and high propulsive efficiency. The vessel's main engines are two MWM TBD 620 V12s.

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Elliott Bay Design Group

Performs Finite Element

Analysis For Arco

Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) of Seattle, Wash., offers finite ele- ment analysis to help its clients with the challenge of maintaining their escort tugs' deck equipment and ability to handle higher loads.

EBDG provided finite element analysis for Arco, analyzing parts of the bow mooring arrangements on the tanker Arco Texas.

Elliott Bay previously performed a similar analysis for Arco on some of the stern mooring points aboard the tanker Arco Anchorage, looking at loads experienced during ship maneuvering assistance provided by large ship-assist tugs. In both cases, the analysis included onboard in- spection of the vessel by a team from

EBDG, ultrasonic testing, and veri- fication of supporting structure for all deck fittings. "We created a finite elements model," said Elliott Bay President

John Waterhouse, "which is ana- lyzed for different loads to deter- mine the safe working load under the most extreme anticipated condi- tions. We provide a complete report to the client, so they can make deci- sions on potential vessel modifica- tions to accommodate the increased loads from these new-generation tugs."

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Elliott Bay Design Group

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Yanmar Diesel Outboards

Receive SOLAS Approval

Yanmar diesel outboards were approved by the U.S. Coast Guard in accordance with Safety Of Life At

Sea (SOLAS) 74/83 regulations for rescue boat applications.

The International Convention on

SOLAS has established highly criti- cal requirements for design, con- struction and performance of equip- ment used in marine emergencies.

Both Yanmar's 27 hp and 36 hp diesel outboards meet these stan- dards.

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P.O. BOX 8745


Manufacturers of:

Quality Marine Electrical Switchgear,

Power, Control and Distribution

Equipment (504)892-6446 FAX (504)892-6621 For Thirty Years j; jVJD;^ ACCUPJ\cyo? COM VOL & liSaujRSa



Suitable for each type/make oI Remote Control System.

On request provided with: • actual pitch indication • actual r.p.m. indication • electric shaft (for lever synchronization)

The Stork-Kwant Universal Telegraphs have been fully Type Approved by:

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The USSR Register of Shipping.

Specials on request.


Y I - r—-i ~~

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