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ISHING HISTORY thousands more than ever before...and thousands more than any other Marine magazine in the entire world.

Here is complete and unmatched coverage of your entire marine buying market. ..for maximum advertising results in 1984-1985.

ISING RESULTS 1 and better sales leads than any and three times more than the =d represents inquiries produced

IME REPORTER in one year or less.

Diesel Engines 1,168 1,153 1,123 gation & Communications 663 621 590

Oily Water

Separators 756 459 360

THE ADVERTISING LEADER in 1983, and for years, more media buyers placed more pages of adver- tising, for a larger number of advertisers, in MR than in No. 2, ME/Log.

Display ad pages


Total ad pages

MR MR 1,749 1,573

ME/Log 909

Note — shows only magazine advertising 13 ME/log issues — 24 MR issues ... no catalogs, buyers guides, etc.

Ad pages reported in 7" x 10" units for comparison.

And in the first 6 months of 1984, MARITIME REPORTER carried more pages of advertising than No. 2, ME/Log.

MR clearly leads by a wide margin in advertiser acceptance. >T ADVERTISING RESULTS

September 15, 1984




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