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The "Ultimate"

Compact SSB

Raytheon Marine Company's new

RAY-1285 frequency synthesized, mi- croprocessor controlled Single Side

Band is the most technologically advanced compact long-distance ra- diotelephone for professional world- wide mariners. Although we tried, we could not find an SSB in its class with better performance or more advanced features.

Top-notch performance in economical 10" radars

Two of Raytheon's most popular 10" professional radars, the 6410 and the 6425 provide excellent features and performance.

Ideal for workboats, fishing ves- sels, riverboats and oceangoing ships, they are rugged workhorses which present an outstanding value.

The 6410 has 10 kW of power while the 6425 has 25 kW. Otherwise, they share the same valuable features which include: • Choice of 4 or 6-foot, high-resolution antenna* Pedestal, table-top, bulkhead or overhead mounting • Professional controls with digital/variable range marker • Easy installation with an- tenna/transceiver aloft or optional below-deck transceiver • Two-year- warranty that includes one-year free on-board service. Model 6410 Mariners Pathfinder* Radar

RAY-1285 Single Sideband Radiotelephone

The 150-watt RAY-1285 is so easy to use that most people feel comfort- able with it in minutes. Yet it has the power and versatility to provide com- plete worldwide coverage of all coastal and high seas marine SSB bands.

The 1285 is ready for use on power-up since its internal frequency reference needs no warm-up and its

Electrically Altered Read Only Mem- ory automatically resets to the last station used. It has automatic self test. Voice-sensing squelch makes reception silent until a message is received. Variable RF gain adjusts receiver sensitivity. All 192 ITU in- ternational channels plus another 44 user-programmable frequencies are easily selected from the keyboard. A large, custom, back-lit liquid crystal display, which is extremely easy to read in any light, indicates station, transmit, receive, and modulation.

Raytheon's "SeaWatch" scanning feature enables up to 10 user-select- able stations to be monitored contin- uously including the International

Emergency Frequency, 2182 kHz.

The safety features of the RAY-1285 could save your life. Pressing the "Quick Select" instantaneously acti- vates the emergency channel. A two- tone distress alarm is provided to get help fast. Raytheon's "Emergency

Transmit Control" broadcasts even with a broken antenna.

Transmitting from 1.6 to 26 MHz and receiving from 100 kHz to 30

MHz in 100 Hz steps, the 1285 has variable-rate manual receiver tun- ing. The further you turn the knob, the faster the frequencies change.

Modulation is selectable with A3J standard SSB, A3A modified SSB and A3H AM compatible. A remote antenna coupler provides continuous automatic fine-tuning during trans- missions remembering each station's setup automatically.

Conclusion: Raytheon's feature- packed RAY-1285 combines outstand- ing features, performance and range with a moderate price. It is the logical choice for mariners looking for great value and the "ultimate" compact


Circle 134 on Reader Service Card


Raytheon's RAY-78 VHF Radiotelephone is engineered for high performance in heavy traffic areas.

Cross-channel interference.

Engineers call it intermodulation.

You call it annoying. Disruptive. It can be down-right dangerous when it interferes with an emergency call. And it's a common problem with many

VHF radiotelephones that cannot clearly discriminate between signals on adjacent channels, especially in high traffic conditions.

Now Raytheon brings you a scanning VHF so carefully engineered it suppresses this problem... lets you hear only the channels you select... loud and clear... no matter how heavy the traffic!

The RAY-78 is built like no other radiotelephone. Military-like electronics with surface-mount components eliminate wire leads, holes and "stand- up" circuit boards...virtually ends vibration-fatigue to ensure long-term reliability.

The RAY-78 gives you every U.S. and

International (ITU) channel, plus 8 U.S. and Canadian weather channels and 4 special Canadian channels. Active channels and functions are indicated by unique multi-colored LCD readouts which are easier to read because they have twice the contrast and 50% more viewing angle than standard black grey

LCD readouts.

At the touch of a button you can scan all channels or a group of channels which you select...U.S. or International, plus any channel which you designate as "priority." There's a quick-select button for monitoring channel-16; and

SeaWatch for alternately monitoring channel-16 and any other channel

In addition to the powerful internal fror speaker, there's a 4-watt external speake output suitable for the noisiest boats.

Every bit a rugged workhorse, the RAY-78 is made from the finest materials, assembled to the most rigid specifications and tested to meet

Raytheon's tough environmental standards. But with her 2-year limited warranty and good looks, shes also a very beautiful way to end your radiotelephone traffic jams. [aSEI


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